Sunday, April 30, 2006


Glory Hallelujah! Hot Damn! Woo Hoo! Gimme Five! Yippee-Ki-Yi-Yay! Holy Toledo! Git Along Little Dogies!!! I have aboot 30 songs on my iPod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hold Me Down. Merry Christmas! Can life get any better than this? Did you catch that? I have music on my iPod! Jeff! Seriously, folks, it's a banner day in the village.

And who might we have to thank for this momentous event? My darlingsweetlovableamazing niece, JoJo. She's got the patience of a saint and the heart of a lion. And my undying gratitude.

My face hurts from smiling. Almost as much as my new pierced ear that I combed this morning.

Todays question: In a 2000 film, he was "father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife, and (he) I will have (his) my vengeance." Who was he? and who played the character?

Have a good weekend. I told Poopy I will be "gone" for awhile. *rawkin' the night away* :-)

The night of the day I found out you'd be born, I sat on the steps of our tiny garage apartment and looked at the huge, star-filled sky and dreamed of what you'd be like. I pictured in my heart a little tow-headed blue-eyed girl and thought, what were the chances?

Nine months and two weeks later, after only four hours of labor, Doctor Carter handed you to me, squalling and tiny and red and said, "You got your girl, Lindy Sue." And so it began...

You were a wonderful baby; a curious, darling toddler; a spunky, determined child. You grew to be a frustratingly stubborn (but lovely) teenager, and now, the most beautiful, loving woman I ever laid eyes on.

I can't begin to tell you the joy you've given me. (To see the gray hairs, you need only to look at my head *wink*.) Of all the things I have done in my life, raising and loving you has been the most rewarding and gratifying. As you've grown from my daughter to my best friend and ally, you've taught me at least as much about life and myself as I've tried to teach you. You're my rock when I need you to be and my silly girlfriend as well.

I'm so proud to be your mom and I thank God for you every day of my life.

I Love You to the ends of the earth. Happy Birthday, Jenny Pie.

Saturday, April 29, 2006


I used this title once but need it today, as I am tying up loose ends from this past crazy week. It's from a Tommy Stinson song. He once played with the Replacements and went on to form a band of his own.
First off, in regard to the question Creed wrote up for me concerning the band whose albums were produced in alphabetical order... Mike B. thought it might be Boston. I did some research and their first four albums: Boston, Don't Look Back, Third Stage and Walk On, were indeed in alphabetical order. Then in 2002 came their fifth album, Corporate America. So I guess Boston is out of the running? Correct me, please, if I'm wrong.
Anybody know what that freakishly big, bright star is in the southern sky tonight? I slept until 11:30 tonight and went straight to my porch when I woke up. That is the biggest, brightest star I've ever seen. I didn't even have my contacts in. I'm thinking maybe it's Jupiter. No moon tonight. Just lots and lots of gorgeous stars. It's beautiful.
I keep forgetting to mention, (or did I?) I have a huge crush on the Giecko Gecko. I've only seen him a few times but I really get a kick out of him. Poopy laughs at me.
Found out today that I have to get 4 new tires for my car before I go on vacation. There goes all that "mad" money I was going to blow... They can't be just regular old tires, they have to be High Performance. What the hell is that, shouldn't all tires be high performance? Who would put low performance tires on their car? Do you suppose the high grade will do the driving for me? and do it extremely well? I think I should get a discount on my car insurance equal to the cost of the dam tires.
Was surfing tonight and came across this quiz. Check it out. It seems that I am going to hell because of my gluttonous nature. Take the quiz and let me know why you are or aren't going to hell. It only takes a few minutes. I had figured that I would be going simply for my lack of computer skills. Seems to go a bit deeper than that. I wonder if God uses this same criteria???
Well, its 5am and I've been up all night. Time to finish the laundry and cleaning. Funny how those chores don't seem so bad when you know there really isn't much else you could be doing at this ungodly hour and you aren't missing anything.
Thanks for all your kind words on my previous post. You touched my heart.
Question of the day: What was Ron Burgundy's (Will Ferrell) sign-off at the end of each newscast in the 2004 movie Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy?

It occurred to me today
and it hurt me to my soul
I can't hear your voice in my head.

So many questions I wanted to ask you
and we ran out of time.
Those last months we tried to
make up for the days we couldn't have.
A hundred years wouldn't do.

I would give a year of sunny Sunday mornings just to sit with you once again; to listen to you tell a really long joke, to watch you try not to laugh, to see you look over your glasses and complain about the gas prices. To see you sleeping in your chair, to watch you nibble on a baby's ear, to hear you sing "Lucille," to watch you run your silver comb through your hair.
The last conversation we had ended in "I love you too, Winker".
But I didn't know it would be the last time you'd say it to me.
The next day you were zonked out on morphine and breathing slow and raspy. I took your comb and combed your wavy, now white, hair and told you it looked good. I knew there would be no answer. But two single tears rolled down your cheek. One was yours and one was mine. No breath came then. I said "I love you Dad" and put the comb in my pocket.
This is for my Dad who died along with a piece of my heart April 29, 1998.

Thursday, April 27, 2006


This will be a quick post...

It's been so rainy and yucky here lately but this morning is beautiful. The sun is streaming through my stained-glass windows and it's so pretty. I'm celebrating with a huge piece of banana nutbread and a cup of orange-passionfruit-jasmine tea. :-) Too bad it's only 32 degrees.
One of the (few) nice things aboot working the night shift is enjoying my mornings at home.
Speaking of work, tonight I'm filling in for someone on my old job so I can have my cd player!!! Woo Hoo, Life is Good!
Adrienne got the correct answer to yesterday's movie question. Good job! It was her first time commenting and I'm glad she did. I think she reads every day.
Today's question: What female singer kissed Sex and the City's Sarah Jessica Parker over a game of Spin the Bottle?
a) Madonna
b) Alanis Morissette
c) Sarah McLachlan
d) Kelly Clarkson
K. Gotta run. Have a good one.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

This post is a part 2 because I already used this title for another birthday. It really should read "1" because my sweet granddaughter BabyJuJu is one year old today. Gawd, it seems like she was born aboot three months ago. She's Nana's little dancin' partner and there is not much these days that I enjoy as much as boppin' around the living room with her. She totally gets into it. And certain songs that she really likes, she makes it known. Her brother Little JuJu is a die-hard, died-in-the-wool third generation U2 fan, but I think her tastes are more varied. She likes Cajun music and last time we danced she loved Rod Stewart's version of Oooh La La and Forever Young. Next time she comes I have some new tunes to introduce her to. I think she will like T'Pau's Heart and Soul. We will see. I'm going to call and and sing Happy Birthday to her while she pushes the buttons on the phone and beeps my ear off. :-)
Seems no one answered the question asking which band's albums... alphabetical order?
from the other day. The answer is Blink 182. The following is Creed's explanation:
... the cover art of Flyswatter features the letter "A", the first letters of the albums Buddha, Cheshire Cat, Dude Ranch and Enema of the State are in alphabetical order, the drum kit on the cover art of The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show: The Enema Strikes Back features an "F" on the bass drum (the Famous Stars and Straps logo), the jacket pocket of the green version of Take off Your Pants Thomas says: and Jacket shows the letter "G", and finally, on the (Untitled) there is a hidden letter "H". The band continued this format on the Greatest Hits compilation with the letter "I" in the word blink). Mark Hoppus has stated that the albums beginning with "A" through "F" were merely a coincidence, but that the band intentionally added the "G" on the TOYPAJ CD.
Thanks, Creed.
I decided to venture outside the music category for todays question. "Purple in the morning, blue in the afternoon, orange in the evening." What movie is this line of dialogue from? Would you like multiple choice? Okay.
a) Vanilla Sky
b) Almost Famous
c) Requiem for a Dream
d) Minority Report
Today and last night's T&F Tunes (music to and from work in the Blasting Zones)
To: Word Up - Cameo (one of my all- time favorite dance tunes)
Night in my Veins - The Pretenders
Fro: Cartwheels - The Reindeer Section
Lies - Arcade Fire

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


You know how every once in awhile your life develops a life of its own and forgets to tell you? And you're sort of rushing out the door as you see the back end of it (your life) going around the bend and you're hurrying to catch up to it? And no matter what you do, it's still way, way ahead of you and getting smaller and smaller because you're so far behind? Pretty soon it becomes a teeny dot on the horizon. Well, that's where I am.

Seems that no one is getting the answer to the question from the other day. Brad must be studing for finals. The answer is quite interesting. I will post it next chance I get, maybe tomorrow. Miss you all.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

I have seriously got to put my mind in gear to go to bed right now and am having serious issues to the contrary. It's a beautiful day. I have been on a roll, getting things done around here that I've been putting off and putting off. There comes a point, much like if you were to keep opening a closet door and piling things in; sooner or later you will open the door to an avalanche that tumbles out, threatening to bury you. Such is the situation on my dining room table. I should take a picture just to give you an idea. You would laugh. But then you would say, Damn, Linda took a picture and actually posted it! But even though I accomplished an amazing amount today, there is still too much I need to do. When I get in the mood I should keep with it, I know. But sleep is more important. I don't know where these weekends go. Sheesh.
I had planned to share the ridiculous stack of cds I bought yesterday (mostly second hand which is why I am able to buy a whole stack and only because of that...) but I'm out of time.
I enlisted the help of a friend, Creed, to help me come up with a stumper for Brad. This is what we (he) came up with. If you don't have the answer, Brad, I will have to make a trip to Texas to pay up. ;-) So...
Here is the question. Everybody is welcome to answer. (I'm not up for traveling right now. Someone please get this.)
What band has all of its albums appearing to run in alphabetical order in one way or another?
I will check back here in the morning. No cheating! I'm the only one allowed to cheat. Shut up, Simon. By the way, go see Simon's beautiful boys. And Thank You Creed :-)
Well, kids, it looks like maybe we need to have TWO sets of questions. (Thank you Bradley for making my life complicated ;-Þ) One for Mr. K-I-A and one for the rest of us. Better yet, how aboot you get your blog up and running, Brad, and you can ask US questions. I guess you forgot to tell us (me) your area of expertise... No, I'm not huffy, Simon. I just get a little irritated when people take over my space. ;-) It's my party and I'll cry if I want to.
Ok, if nobody has any objections, we might as well change the name of the game to "Who can stump Brad?" It's up to you guys. It hardly seems fair but then again, I hate to deny Brad the chance to win the game when he's playing fair and square. What to do? Oh I hate making decisions. How aboot this? Maybe Brad, you can (out of the goodness of your heart) let someone else guess every now and then. If anybody has a question they want to present to Brad, mail it to me. If I think it's a poser, I'll use it. See this is why I don't consider myself a leader, I spend too much time trying to keep all the troops happy.
Let's try this one: Where did the band The Killers get it's name?
From- a) a Joy Division video
b) a Duran Duran video
c) a New Order video
d) a Cure video

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Today so far has been an excellent day. It's been raining all day but the day's other aspects have been all so good that the rain is just cancelled out.
Started out by sleeping in. Didn't intend to but must have needed it. Poopy wanted to go shawpin' for a new highchair for BabyJuJu. So I called me Mum to see if she wanted to tag along and she did, so we picked her up.
Got to the mall. Had been debating all through the drive there whether or not to get another hole poked in my ear. By the time we arrived, I had made up my mind to do it. For a really long time I had thought aboot getting my ear pierced up toward the top of my ear. Now with my hair so short it can actually be seen. Plus I want to look hot when I go on vacation in June. Stop laughing. All of you!
So we looked at highchairs (none good enough), I sat for my initiation into the 4 Hole Club,(which by the way, hurt like hell for about 4 seconds) and then headed for the music store. In there, Poop and I went our seperate ways. I was trying to look at some Wilco and a guy who was sort of in my way but not, thought he was. He half-looked at me and smiled and very politely excused himself. I half-looked at him, thanked him and proceeded to look at cds. When I found what I was looking for and started toward where I saw Poopy, I noticed the above guy kind of looking at me but trying not to be too obvious. We recognized each other at the same second. He threw open his arms and I literally dove into them. We made a little scene and I was aware of everyone in the immediate area looking at us curiously.
When I was in art school, I made some really great friends, all of which were aboot 10-15 years younger than I was at the time. (oh yeah, they always will be that much younger, I get it.) Imagine me at 32 having classes all day with brand new high-school graduates. There was never a problem. We ended up like family almost. Moi, of course being the mother figure. But only sort of. We did crazy stuff together, had parties at each other's houses. I amost got my first mosh pit experience with these kids but for some reason had to cancel at the last minute. Sad to say I've only really kept in touch with a couple of those people. And there was one particular guy that I've always wanted to see again and Totally lost contact with. Until today.
I'm not sure how he would feel aboot being named here so I will just refer to him as John. A very benign-sounding name for the craziest, wildest person I ever met. I will talk more aboot him in future posts. We are going to get together and try to fill in some blanks. I've invited him here, I hope he will stop in and say hi. Definitely one of my favorite people of all time. I was way, way happy to run into him after all these years.
An old friend from my high school called me a couple days ago and we are meeting for drinks in a couple hours. I am looking forward to it and need to go get ready. Will leave you with a trivia question to keep you busy while I'm away.
Which of the following pop singers does not hail from Canada?
a) Celine Dion
b) k.d. lang
c) Natalie Imbruglia
d) Sarah McLachlan
(This one is too easy, I know.)

Just using up a title here, will try and incorporate it somewhere.

For my birthday recently, my son Michael and his beautiful lady Adrienne gave me, among other things, a really cool gift. It's a book about Pop Culture trivia. I love it. I'm going to start putting questions on here to see how smart my Readers are. I'll start with the 2000s and work back to the 1960's. Most of you, I know will be clueless by the end. No rip, it's just that some of you weren't even born then. I considered doing only music questions, tell me if you want just music or general questions. If you don't tell me, I'll get all huffy and shit and Simon will be all over me and it will get ugly and people will be desserting me and I'll quit writing and get all depressed and have to find some other creative outlet and that will get Poopy all antsy and I'll have to start knitting or growing violets or refunding or some shit, so just please tell me, ok? If I don't hear from you, I will personally email you a questionnaire to fill out and believe me, you don't want that. Do we need a prize for the most right answers after a time or would you be happy just for the satisfaction of knowing the answers? LMK.
First question> (Easy one) Who is Norah Jones' father?
After awhile I will figure out the level of skill and areas of your interest. Let's hope that happens before I get bored with the game. Seems like when I start something, it doesn't last terribly long and I apologize if that irks anyone. The thrill of some things just wears off for me rather quickly. Some things, not all.
Almost forgot- Norah's father is a member in good standing of the American Automobile Association. (just kidding) ;-Þ

Friday, April 21, 2006


I can remember my grandmother saying "Let it be." It could have translated to "don't pick that scab" or "the dog's trying to sleep" or any number of things. It also meant "Leave well enough alone"; something that (to this day) I can't quite accomplish. Why am I like that??? My damn Blog needed some dressing up. Being a long-time supporter of the ONE Organization, I thought maybe I would finally install that attractive banner on my sidebar. So I did. Now my entire sidebar is at the bottom of my freaking Blog. Crikey. Somebody (Jeff!) help me. No wait, Jeff is busy. SOMEBODY else help me!
Items of interest and varying degrees of value (sentimental and otherwise) that I have accumulated during the course of my life:
(In other words, Cool shit I kept)
  1. An autographed copy of Paul Westerberg's 14 Songs (Picture book with scribbled notes throughout and cd included)
  2. A friend who takes real and interesting vacations brings me back small rocks from places he knows I would like. Favorite one to date is from beside a Tobasco factory in New Orleans, procured less than a month before Katrina did her "thing".
  3. A stack of promotional little pamphlets that a local radio station put out in 1976. Each lists the top 25 records of that week and lyrics to the #1 song. I have 42 of them.
  4. Every post card I ever received since I can remember.
  5. My skate key.
  6. My Brownie pin.
  7. Rosary beads from my First Communion (second grade), a set that belonged to my Grandfather and one from my Grandmother.
  8. My first-ever purchased "phonograph album" by The Monkees. *red face*
  9. The aluminum comb that my Dad carried everywhere he went.
  10. A lock of my hair that my Mom saved for me from my first real haircut (around 4-5). It's a beautiful, blonde, silky, shiny curl aboot 8" long with gold in it.
  11. An autograph book from the 6th grade.
  12. Concert ticket stub from U2 (and every other concert I ever saw, pretty much.)
  13. A Schlitz beer can (circa 1973). A souvenir from a night of partying with The Urban Cowboy Band on Mickey Gilley's tour bus. And Dwight, the bass player's autograph.
  14. A brass locket I found when I was 12 which holds two strands of hair covered by glass. I understand that long ago, a woman would wear a locket or pin filled with a lock of her own hair and that of her lover's.
  15. An emerald ring that my Dad found once in his "metal detector" phase.
  16. A Christmas postcard that my Grandmother sent a family member in the 1920's. She died before I was born (my Dad was aboot 4 years old when she did). It's the only thing I have to know her by besides 1 photograph so it is very precious to me.
  17. A picture of Franco Harris holding my son Michael at aboot 1 year old.
  18. My first grade "Good Citizenship Award" ribbon.
  19. Most of my Uncle's (Dad's brother) journals.
  20. Assorted artwork and stories from my kid's school years.
  21. And my grandson's.
  22. Guitar pick from Ed Roland of Collective Soul.
  23. Paper doll collection from early 1900's (circa 1940-50) including characters from Gone With the Wind, Shirley Temple, Dionne Quintuplets.
  24. Poopy's ponytail from early dating, it's aboot 11 inches long. Was way cool attached!
  25. A four leaf clover given to me by my crazy neighbor Harold.

That's all I can think of at the moment. If I went to the attic or started digging in my hope chest or in my studio, I would have a list a mile long. I'm weird with "things". Much to Poopy's dismay...

Work was very interesting last night. So much information to absorb! I'm getting pretty good with a microscope, but it was awkward and frustrating at first. Felt like I was using someone else's hands and eyes. I'm having fun though. But OH the paperwork. I hate numbers (too black and white and absolute for me.) Pages of numbers have to be recorded and entered into the computer. 8-( But I think I'll like the job in the long run.

Really missing my music at work. Have to make up for it on the way to and from. Crank tunes last night and today were:

TO: Prophecy- Remy Zero, Send me an Angel- Scorpions, and Sundown- Elwood

FROM: Milk- Kings of Leon, Evil- Interpol, and Car Radio (long version)- Spoon

I may post later. If I don't, have yourself a Great Friday!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

%&@ #%$? JOB

I don't use the above expletive to describe my job (or anything else for that matter) that Paul W. chose for the song title so you'll have to use your imagination to interpret the symbols...
The reason though, that I'm using this title is not because I'm not happy with the job, it's because I have been offered a position which requires me to make a decision. And I HATE making decisions, concerning my job or for that matter, any kind of decision.
So I have tentatively accepted a QC position. I started last night training another person to fill my job. And I started training for the QC job. My mind is to say the least, swimming. I have not had to deal with paperwork since I took the new job a couple of months ago, didn't miss it. This QC job has tons of it and a lot of computer entry garbage. I will be working almost exclusively under a microscope in conjunction with a computer program to measure in microns, degrees, etc. It's not completely absorbed into my brain yet so I really can't give you a good idea what I'm talking aboot. I'll explain more when I know what it is I'm doing. The bad part at this point is that when you're training or being trained (I fit into both categories at this point) there is to be no listening to music. I went all night last night without a note. GASP!!! Withdrawal!
I know, I'm a big girl. I'll survive. Prayers appreciated.
Gotta run, busy day ahead and sleep at some point... Have a good one.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Compliments make us feel good. Most of us. I know if I compliment Poopy, he'll roll his eyes and likely answer with a "yeah, right." Which offends me a bit, I'm thinking he has no respect for my opinion. And it also hurts me that he doesn't just accept what I say and feel good aboot it. I used to have a hard time accepting compliments and I worked on that. Now I gratefully accept them for the most part. But if someone says "Your hair looks nice" and it's standing up or falling down or frizzing out or something equally disgusting, I can't help but screw up my face and say something inane. I hate when I do that because then I end up thinking to myself, why did he/she say that, do they think I'm blind/stupid/gullible? And then I think, no, they were trying to be nice because they feel sorry for me and my hairable mess. But it turns into this whole exasperating predicament, so I try so hard to just say thanks and be done with it. But I know when my hair looks bad or good, so why do people try to screw with me like that??? Ah, whatever. (Not you JoJo)
What is the greatest compliment you have received? And I bet you guys will say "I don't need compliments." Surely someone once said something that truly made you feel good aboot yourself.
Compliments I've had that made me feel good:
  1. Once my ex-Bro-in-Law told me I looked like a $500.00 hooker. That was in the late seventies, before inflation, and a $500 hooker was a good lookin' hooker.
  2. Same BiL told me he could take me anywhere and I would fit in. (purely theoretical, I don't believe I ever accompanied my ex-BiL anywhere.
  3. A doctor once asked me if I was a nurse. He was obviously impressed with the questions I was asking.
  4. I used to hear this a lot, but not so much anymore. "You have two kids who are how old?!" Or "You have a grandchild?!" Goodbye to those days...
  5. I love when someone asks to see my portfolio (art, not financial, Silly)
  6. "How do you keep your stomach so flat?"
  7. When someone tells me how great my kids are, I smile all over. Even though I can't take credit. When they were small, sure. But they are their own people now.
  8. When people assume I went to college it makes me feel smart. (Yup, it do.)
  9. If someone tells me they enjoy my Blog, that is like the ultimate compliment. It's like saying to me "You put your heart and soul out here and I approve." Now do you understand why I'm such a comment whore? It's my sustenance. I'm a hopeless addict.
  10. When people in the past have offered to buy my artwork, that felt good.

Enough of that. It got boring fast. But I want to hear yours, please. Thanks in advance.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


I am on my way home from work every am from aboot 6:10 to 6:35, give or take. I believe it is considerate, at that time of the morning, not to blast one's car stereo, lest one wake the sleeping. However, one may feel a certain victory needing celebration after having completed a night of work. When I celebrate, there is always MUSIC involved. Luckily on my way home, there is a 3-4 mile stretch of road where there are no homes to disturb. Usually I take advantage of that by tuning to my favorite song on whatever cd I'm listening to at the time. This morning's candidate was Morphine's Cure for Pain. If you are not familiar with Morphine, they were kind of a cult band from aboot 1990 to 1999. The band was headed by vocalist and bassist Mark Sandman. They relied heavily on Mark's (two string? correct me if there is no such thing...) bass, drums and saxophone. No guitars. Novel idea, huh? IMHO, they were a killer band. Sadly, Mark suffered a heart attack onstage in 1999 and died. The group disbanded. I didn't discover them until after the fact. But Cure for Pain is one of my favorites. (cd and song).
Addendum to yesterday's post: New Brad corrected me, the discussion of Dyslexic Heart we had supposedly took place in 2004. I'll have to check, Brad, I don't think I had Internet access then... And thanks to Simon for probly scaring away New Brad with his comment yesterday.
Brat :-Þ
(I typed this post once and lost it and this is a re-try. Number 1 was way better...) Dammit.

Just came across this song title, was wondering one day how in the heck I would incorporate "Mr. Rabbit" into my blog. At the time, Easter was coming and I thought to myself, "Well, hell! I'll use it for my Easter post!" And don'tcha know, I forgot. So I'm using it now and wishing you all a Belated Happy Easter. What's your favorite jellybean flavor? Mine's BLACK. And you get the extra bonus of the funny-looking teeth and tongue. Some people never grow up...

Monday, April 17, 2006


Two sets of good news today for y'all. Not to downplay #2, but #1 is a big thrill for me. I know you can live without it but... I now have a maintenance-free head of hair! That is nothing short (no pun intended) of miraculous in my world. I have been drying and curling and straightening and pretty much "fighting" my hair for eons. So finally I get a cut that works with my natural curl and I am extatic. I just did my hair in like 5 minutes and no electricity was involved! YAY! Hope this doesn't end up kicking me in the ass. Usually when I rave aboot something that's what eventually happens.
Now for #2. I would like to welcome a new Reader. His name is Brad, from Alaska. I think it was back in December, he and I had an online discussion aboot a Replacement's song, Dyslexic Heart. This took place on a favorite music site of mine where I used to keep a music journal. He was on there, came across the discussion and decided to look me up. SO now I have another ally here, someone else who appreciates Paul and the 'Mats. :-) So that makes three. How are you Dana N, anyway? Welcome Brad, we look forward to many comments (!) from you.
Heard three good songs in a row today on BOB-FM. Extra points if you can name the performers.
  1. (Once Upon a Time) In Your Wildest Dreams
  2. When the Bullet Hits the Bone
  3. White Flag

Going to go get ready for work now. Have a really good night. :-)


If there is a Heaven, my Uncle Del (whose picture is in my flickr pics) is up there gathering up a bunch of fans, cause he was aboot one of the coolest people I ever knew. Today is his birthday and I wanted to let him know I'm thinking of him. If there are computers in Heaven, he's sitting in front of one 24/7. Or whatever the time frame is up there. When he was alive, he sent more emails than anyone I ever met. Or have since. It could be a pain in the ass sometimes, but I'd give anything for just one more.
So how am I? I know you've all lost sleep wondering. Actually, I started feeling human over the weekend. Last night was my first night back to work since Tuesday. I'm a little tired but way glad to be back among the living.
Had a very nice Easter at my Mom's with aboot three-quarters of the family. It was the first real meal I'd eaten in awhile and was absolutely fabulous. I didn't want to quit. But I did, just shy of the homemade lemon cheesecake. And only then because I was stuffed.
Don't really have a lot to share today, really haven't done alot of anything for a few days. I'm very sad to have to cancel a trip to JuJu's this coming weekend to celebrate BabyJuJu's first birthday. It's breaking my heart but the trip I'm afraid will be exhausting for me since I'm so run-down and I need to be in prime condition when I keep her for a week next month when the JuJu's go on vacation. So I'll stay home and rest up instead. She and Nana and Poopy will have a party then. I'll rent a band so we can dance ;-). Oh by the way, JuJu's due date is Nov. 24th.
Have a good day and let me know how your weekend was. Tell me all the yummy things you ate. I know not one of you has an ounce more willpower than I do, so don't try to BS me.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


... and get outside for goshsakes. That's what I'm doing today. No sense in wasting time here, nobody is reading anyway. It's sunny and 71 degrees :-) Took some cough medicine, put on some capris and am taking my borrowed copy of Six Conversations on Jung's Psychology and am retiring to the porch. (Yeah, the book sounds stuffy, just trying to cram in all those things I want to experience before I die. Might as well get the tough stuff out of the way early on... Really, though, it's quite interesting, the idea of one developing a persona to protect one's ego from the effects of the outside world, you know?) Enjoy your day compadres.

My fortune cookie last night said "Your efforts have not gone unnoticed". It maybe should have said "If you had done one damn thing over the course of the past few days, maybe someone would notice." Pretty laughable, that Confuscius dude, thinking I had actually put forth some effort...
Just spent the last hour or so relishing in the wonderfulness of sitting on my porch, listening to the birds singing and basking in the light of a (full?) moon. Was it full? My calendar says no. And since when do birds sing in the dark? At any rate, was a great hour or so. I get some really good thinking done on my back porch. Was reliving some childhood memories. The air was all fresh and clean-smelling and I was thinking of life's greatest aromas, which took me back to when I was aboot 8 or 9.
My Dad decided I guess, the cheapest way to vacation with a family of 8 and a dog would be to go camping. Somewhere he got his hands on an old, two-room Army tent that would probably sleep 10-15 people. (Please keep in mind, my memory is somewhat selective and sometimes I even make up shit to make the story flow...) We started our camping experience with that tent, a huge mess of blankets and pillows, a propane stove, a lantern, a porcelain wash basin and a rug, I think. Oh, and a clothesline for wet bathing suits and towels, to be sure. Sleeping bags, cots, canopies, lawn furniture and other "luxury" amenities would follow, a few added each year.
One really strong memory I have was waking up in the tent in the mornings. There would be a chill in the air so your nose would be cold. But it was still warm and cozy under the scratchy wool blankets and sheets. The pillow would feel damp. I'm not sure if we slept in clothes or pajamas. Then all of a sudden you would realize how bad you had to pee and try hard to remember which direction the bathhouse was and how far. But you would rationalize, thinking that a couple more minutes wouldn't completely destroy the walls of your bladder. Even so, it would be worth it to stay warm a little longer. Lying there those extra minutes afforded you the experience of early morning camping sounds/smells. There would inevitably be the hushed murmuring voices of the parents outside the tent, maybe an audible curse here or there as someone would be digging through the trunk trying to find a spatula or some napkins. You could smell (hopefully) the beginnings of a campfire, the propane stove and most likely coffee brewing in a pot and some bacon, sausage and scrambled eggs. Birds would be chirping in the background. Depending on how close the campsite was to the water, maybe you would hear the drone of a boat motor or the wonderful sound of the water lapping at the bottom of a path through the trees. If you were that close to the water, you would also smell that musty, wormy smell the breeze carried up off the water. Here and there you might hear a muffled yip of some other camper's poodle or two. There were always a lot of poodles in campgrounds that I remember. Is that a breeding trait or something? "Poodles are especially adept at camping." I've yet to see one haul wood or build even a mediocre fire. Maybe their temperaments are good for scaring off bears. I don't know... Any camping poodle owners have any insight here?
But then would come the inevitable moment when you could just no longer hold "it" and you would have to throw back your covers, grab something warm, find your shoes, and hightail it outta that tent and get straight to the bathrooms. Hard part though, was always wrestling with the freakin' zippers. First, the one on the inner screen and then the one on the outside. Then of course, you had to rezip the screen, pray you make it to the bathroom on time, and then rezip the outside zipper. And run like hell! Be careful though, you didn't tie the laces on your sneakers and the grass is wet until like noon, at least. I remember too, your shoes never quite dry out when you're camping and your hair smells like campfire. There's always sand in the creases too, all the creases. And mosquito bites in all the other places. If you're lucky, no sunburn or poison ivy. In those cases, you'll also smell Noxema and calamine lotion.
Oh, and talk aboot aromas. The disinfectant used in those public bathhouses could probably wipe out of a good portion of the AIDS epidemic if it's still on the market. But you didn't spend much time in there, you wanted earnestly to get back to the campsite to hug the campfire until the sun started to warm things up. And breakfast, camping, is still one of the best-tasting meals and the best-smelling smells there are.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Pay no attention to the title of the post. It means nothing worth explaining. I really had to scrape the bottom of the barrel for this one. Paul, Help Me Out Here, Man!
I decided to lighten things up a bit here today, the Holiday weekend coming and all. Didn't want to get all heavy on you and then expect you to go out and celebrate with church and jelly beans and chocolate bunnies.
So, last night, er- this morning, PD and I had just settled down on the couch with a big mess of salsa and chips for a night, morning rather, of good clean entertainment, courtesy of Mr. Lewis "F---ing Hilarious" Black. If for some reason you are not familiar with this man's comedy, change that right now. Unless you might be offended by foul language. On his On Broadway show, especially. Anyway, we are watching and laughing and watching and laughing and all of a sudden everything goes black. Not Lewis Black (haw haw) just black. The power went off. This was sometime after 2 am.
So PD and I did that thing you do when the power goes off. He rounded up all the flashlights and I, the candles. Why, what were you thinking? He checked all the surge protectors, put new batteries in one flashlight and I proceeded to put candles here, there and everywhere. In no time, our house smelled like a garden of earthly delights. Kitchen, mmmm, pumpkin spice. Diningroom, I forget. Livingroom smelled of either Clean Cotton or Romance (AromaScents) depending on which side of the room you were in. On? Whatever. The front hall was all Hazelnutty. Upstairs we had Fresh Linen in the bath and Moonlight Path in the hall. Basement was smellin' like some kind of sickening cake icing that Poop likes but makes me nauseous.
So PD decides to shower. When he's finished and I still haven't found gainful employment, er, I mean, something interesting to do by candlelight at 3 am, I decide to shower also. Which was really fun and kind of romantic until, after having gotten all warm and steamy, mistook the shower knob for the hot water knob, turned it off and blasted myself with mega-pulsing streams of ice-cold water. "Shit!" I think was my response. So then I don my new beautiful new 100% silk Malijialai robe from China that my sister and her BF gave me for my birthday. (I've been meaning to tell you aboot it. ) It's midnight blue with shiny gold Oriental pictures of, um, stuff on it and it feels like, like, unimaginably wonderful on. Maybe I'll post a pic of it one day.
So then, wandering from room to room, scent to scent, rooms all flickering and warm and romantic like, and I think, gee, power outages are almost as fun as cooking dinner. (previous post) I'm looking for PD to see if he'll help me put some lotion on. No ulterior motive here, of course. I finally find him in the dining room and ask if he'd like to help me "keep my skin soft and supple" or some lame thing. Turns out, no, he wouldn't. Oh well, I have two hands. So I retreat to the living room (incidentally on the Romance side) and proceed to keep my skin soft and supple. So then Poop must have been pooped, he went to bed. I would have loved to myself but my hair was dripping wet and if there is One Thing I Cannot Do, it's to go to bed with wet hair. After awhile though, I had no choice. It's 9 am now and you should see my hair!!! Hahahahaha. Hahahaha. Haha. Ha.
Update: Power came back on between 6 and 8 am, went to tan and get my haircut. It looks way better now at noon. Time to go adjust the time on aboot 14 clocks/radios/VCRs/etc. :-Þ

Thursday, April 13, 2006


When you're sick, no one really expects much of you. So when you're starting to feel better but there is still that little window of time before people start putting demands on you, you better take full advantage of it. That was my day today ;-) Shhhh, don't tell. My head sure needed a day like today. I did little chores, made some appointments, chatted online, enjoyed some sunshine, napped a couple of times, ate aboot four meals, just did whatever I felt like. I could get used to this. And I do feel better, thank you.
I was talking aboot relationships earlier. I always try to leave a relationship (if it becomes necessary for whatever reason) in an amicable way. Mostly because it makes for good karma and, although my mother will argue this point, I do not like to hold grudges. Too much negative energy to carry around. Also my pea brain, when recalling memories seems only able after a point, to recall the good memories. And I figure if I can't remember the bad, the bad must not have been so bad afterall. But that brings me to another point. Blocking out. A family trait which I would like to put up now for sale to the highest bidder. I no longer wish to subscribe to this method of coping with life as I see it serves no purpose and only causes more problems in the long run to the practitioner. You see, I was brought up in a family that didn't talk aboot the problems. I guess the rationale there was that if you ignore the problem, it will go away. I tried very hard not to pass any of this insanity on to my own kids but I'm afraid that, if I am just now learning the long range effects of this felonius way of living, I may have failed in that endeavor. When you spend the first twenty years of your life learning a behavior, it takes a certain amount of time to realize that behavior is erroneous. Then the time to unlearn the behavior and replace it with a healthier behavior. Only, it's taken me a very long time to completely recognize that it can take awhile before you really have to face up to all the things you've pushed out of your line of vision.
I'm rambling now and getting tense too. Break time. See you tomorrow.

After having gotten what actually feels like Enough Sleep and Food for the day so far, I find myself feeling a bit relaxed. Which is a wonderful feeling, for a change. I survived the storm last night, whatever time that was. And a big deal for me- I survived it in my bed and not cowering in the basement by candle light. Don't know if I ever tole you guys but I'm deathly afraid of lightning. When it storms, I have been known to actually gather up all my treasured belongings and put them in one place in case of need for a speedy exit. I don't really have an explanation for this fear; my house was struck once and the lightning started a fire in the walls but I was afraid way before that. The firemen made fun of me because when they arrived, I was out of the house with an umbrella, my purse and a carton of cigarettes. Smartasses, firemen are. The lot of them... Don't have an explanation either for why I was able to stay abed through the storm, except maybe for the kick-ass cough medicine that the doctor gave me. I may have just been paralyzed.
As a continuum (hope I'm using that word correctly, if not Simon can be counted on to bust me, I'm sure) in the "relationship" theme of late, I have read that men tend to base their self-worth on their ability to provide for themselves and family which dates way back to caveman times when it was necessary for them to be great hunters and be able to kill for food and provide shelter for their kin. On the other hand, most women base their self-worth on the quality of their relationships. I find myself sometimes in that category. When all my relationships are going well, when I am contributing to the needs and getting back what I need from loved ones and co-workers, that tends to be gratifying for me and I feel like I'm doing ok. But there are times, like recently when my mom and I weren't doing so good, it really knocked things off balance for me. Not only was I feeling guilty for what happened or didn't, I had a sense of unease that never left until we actually talked things out and were on good terms again. I have never been able to have discord around me or in my personal life without suffering in some way because of it. Even things that I have no control over whatsoever will just eat at me until I find a way to resolve it or come to terms with it somehow. As tough as I try to make people think I am (did I fool you?) it's not me. I can even fool myself sometimes. But there comes a time when it's just me and maybe Mr. Moon, I have to look at reality and um, what? Somebody tell me. I've spent a major portion of my life blocking out the bad stuff and a lot of it seems to be resurfacing at this point in my life and demanding resolution. I'm a little overwhelmed by it. Now dammit when I started this post I was relaxed. Now I'm getting tense. Time for a break. Stay tuned.

Not even 12 hours ago I was all set to jump into a post aboot "defining moments" but since then my mind has taken a different (but not completely) direction, simply because I read two friends' blog entries and my thoughts have been detoured. I just spent the last half hour sitting on my swing on the back porch looking at the moon and thinking aboot life and all it's little twists and turns. There are only a few things that one can do at 3:20 am when one is not at work or sound asleep. I only felt up to two; swinging on the back porch or blogging. They kind of flowed into each other.
One post I read was Jeff's. It just so happened that today my doctor brought up the possibility that I may be depressed. Wha???? was my reaction. Me? Nah... Depending on what may show up in my bloodwork, she said we may want to consider the possibility. "You do realize that you sat here in September and cited quite a few of these same symptoms?" No I did not realize that. At the time, we attributed alot of my feelings to going through menopause. She prescribed a medication for me then that, although it was an anti-depressant, she had good luck treating menopausal symptoms with it. Funny, now, I realize that it is no longer doing anything for my hot flashes, etc., it must also be falling short in the depression department. I told her I didn't see any reason to continue taking it but she was reluctant to have me stop and suggested we wait and see what my bloodwork shows. Facing the possibility that I may be depressed and knowing what I do aboot depression, having been married to my first husband for 15 years, who was bi-polar, this is as disturbing to me as the length of this run-on sentence. But I will just keep on keeping on until I see what the blood tells.
What I just spent time thinking aboot with my friend Mr. Moon was this- How life gets so crazy that we find ourselves addressing only the absolutely neccessary things in our daily routine and neglecting people and things which are important to us. I get very envious of people who do not have to go to a job everyday. When you take into consideration that you work give-or-take 8 hours, figure in an hour for travel and getting ready to go; if you're lucky, 8 hours of sleep. On top of that, grocery shopping, meal preparation, household chores, laundry, financial responsibilities, etc., etc., and Blogging and email obligations ;-) yes that's important too! how much time do you have left in a day??? Mine adds up to ZERO hours left. And this must be bothering me way more than I originally thought because when a big old black cloud appeared and took away my Mr. Moon audience, I found myself in tears and feeling really, really lost and alone. Which then started me thinking how each of our lives, the lives of every human being on this earth, are so completely different and unique. Even as tightly intertwined as Poopy's life is with mine, our lives are soooo different. It's amazing to me that the earth is still spinning on it's axis with all these bazillions of different lives going on everyday all at the same time. (What is the world population now anyway? Remember to add one more littletinyJuJu to that number.)
Is it any wonder that we lose track of people and friends who are no longer in our every day circle? It's enough to depress anybody. So what I propose is this, we're all in this together so let's all do whatever we can to help each other out. Otay, Buh-wheat? Otay ;-)

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Just came home from an extra long doctor visit. Pokes, prods, etc. Poopy (my other doctor) gave me strict orders to eat something, return JuJu's phone call and get my ass in bed. Guess I will have to talk to you later. I will tell you though, that the doc (the real one) says I'm off work until Sunday night. That felt like a license to relax to me. Poopy thinks different. It just gave him a reason to boss me around. He doesn't often get to do that.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Hey Kids! I took Poopy shawpin' this morning and guess what I bought!? How did you guess? And then Blogger took like ten minutes to load and I am sick of all this negativity and I am not going to share it with you today. You're welcome ;-)
I am however working on an in-depth "Ooooh we get to see a new side of Wink" kind of post that I'm needing to write for my own selfish reasons. My original intent for this Blog was to be therapeutic and cleansing and it seems like it's turned into something completely different. Guess I started liking my readers and didn't venture further than that. Anyway, thanks for your patience. If I get some decent rest today and get home from a doctor appointment early enough tomorrow, I will at least start the thing. At any rate, I won't be on here (online) at my usual morning time tomorrow, I'll be sleeping hopefully. Well, maybe I'll check my mail. And read a couple Blogs. And my horoscope. But then I'm going to sleep for a few hours.
Let me leave you with this... Sunny and warm here and my daffodils are beautiful!

Monday, April 10, 2006


Now Ah'm all plum done feelin' sorry fer mahself. Y'all need ta go on over'n see JuJuBee iffen y'all ain't done 'at awready taday.

This Replacement's song is about Sylvia Plath... If you are familiar with her you will know exactly why this is such an appropriate title for this post.
Just when you think your life can't suck one more lemondrop,
  • You buy storebrand Maple Brownsugar Oatmeal and it's nowhere near as good as the real stuff
  • A friend you thought would understand, didn't.
  • The pharmacy doesn't open for another whole hour.
  • But that's ok, you have to stay up for at least that long to call your poor Mother and wish her a Happy Birthday and explain that you're still too germy to deliver her fantastic present which isn't wrapped yet anyway.
  • That job that you loved last week is now teetering in the balance (not the job, the love of said job.
  • It's only Monday, crikey.
  • Nobody online at this ungodly hour to commiserate with.
  • Oh wait, JuJu just signed in. Do we really want to whine all over her first thing in the morning?
  • Only got one of four loads of laundry done on the weekend, so #2, #3 and #4 are waiting, crying out, "Do me!" "Do me!" "Do me!" and my basement sounds like a Frank Sinatra Karoke Contest or a Hooker's convention, not sure which.
  • I am resorting to painfully bad jokes and probly chasing off what is left of my Readership.
  • Which reminds (and depresses) me... on De-Lurking Day, my sitemeter picked up 32 (thirty two) separate hits, which is aboot my daily average, a bit less. Did you see how many comments I had that day???!!!
  • Hair is outta control, appointment isn't until Friday.
  • Had to scrape ice off car at 6:15 this am at work with no gloves. Grrrr... It is APRIL.

I could go on but I ain't. You know why? I got yellow roses today and that's really nice.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Being ill lately has afforded me time to mindlessly watch a few movies (PD's choices) but also to get to a bit of reading. I came across this quote from George Eliot that I thought was quite interesting...
"If we had keen vision and feeling of all ordinary human life, it would be like hearing the grass grow and the squirrel's heart beat and we should die of that roar on the other side of silence."


I thought I was over being sick, only to relapse into a really awful kind of miserable-ness I didn't know existed. My weekend is almost over and I missed it. Missed taking PD out for dinner, missed my Mom's birthday, missed seeing my sister who I haven't seen in weeks, missed a sunny day, you name it, I missed it. I even missed the laundry that I usually do on the weekend. I am just now at 2am on Sunday starting to feel like I could walk across the street to the mailbox, but only if my life depended on it. Everything hurts, can't quit coughing and still having chills and fever. And I'm having to force myself to eat which is a whole new concept for me and not at all enjoyable. Must. Think. Positive.

Nope, can't do it. Going back for nap #23.

Ok, there is an upside, I actually put a picture here depicting how I feel (and look). It's not where I wanted it but, what the hell.

Friday, April 07, 2006

$100 GROOM

Today is my dear Poopy Doo's Birthday Number 45. I want to wish him a wonderful Happy Birthday and plan to shower him with gifts and affection today until he screams for mercy.
What will happen in actuality, however will be this:

Me: Happy Birthday, Buddy! (accompanied by a hug, no kiss, I still have a sore throat.)
PD: Thanks, but it's just another day. *tries to look tough*
Me: When would you like to open your gifts?
PD: I don't care. *hint of a smile*
Me: Come and sit down, open them now.
PD: Ok. *shy smile*
Me: Card first.
PD: * read, read*
PD: Thanks Buddy. *smile* (hug, no kiss, sore throat)
PD: *open numerous gifts, well thought out, hastily wrapped :-(*
PD: Thanks, you shouldn't have. (hug, etc)
That's the difference between me and Poopy Doo.
Right now, I'm laughing my ass off. In between the above line and here, Poopy woke up. The scenario that took place is almost word for word as I anticipated and wrote above. I know him like the seat of my pants. Er, front of my face. Er, side of my what? My own name? Whatever, I know the man. He'll tell you he knows me as well. We'll just let him go on believing that. Shhhhhh... ;-)
All you Lurkers out there, I've been planning a De-lurking Day. Today is as good a day as any. Wish Poopy Doo a Happy Day :-) Or at least congratulate him on surviving the years with me...
(Any new readers: I use Replacement's and Paul Westerberg song titles for the titles of my posts. Had I written my own title for this post, it would have been $1,000,000 Groom at least).
Update @ 1pm:
What the heck? It's Delurking Day. Must I post a definition? It's when all you folks reading and moving on without commenting actually stop for a minute and type some words in a box. Poopy thinks only Simon and JuJu give a hoot aboot his birthday. I checked my sitemeter at 1pm. Fourteen people have been on my site and only two have left evidence. You'ns are no fun. *pouting*

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Does the lack of feminity displayed by women these days bother anyone besides me? Maybe it's more prevalent here in "these parts," but I think it's kind of widespread in general. Not so much in the cities probly?
I went through a sort of "Samson and Delilah" thing when I got my locks chopped off; (wow, JuJu, that was a year ago next month!) not so much concerned aboot losing my strength, of course... but felt like I was losing some of my feminity. I'm one to hold on to my womanliness until it becomes unavoidable or something else. Not like I'm all voluptuous, so I gotta work with what I got. But I really think we ladies should work a little harder at it. Lose the sweats and sneakers, at least.
As much money and time as women spend on haircuts and make-up and fake nails and other assorted body parts, I'd think you would see way more girlie-girls and womany-women day to day. I just can't handle manly- looking women. And I don't mean that cruelly. I realize there are such things as hormone issues and the like. And women who choose to appear that way as a result of their sexual persuasion. I guess I'm addressing the women who just don't care or want to take the time to enjoy their feminity. Maybe it's just me, but I think we could use some more pink and lace and crap like that in the world. And while I'm at it, some of you guys could use some shaping up too. Suck in that gut! Shave once in awhile why don'tcha? Why don't people care what they look like anymore???
Aw man, where did all of that come from? Must have been holding that in for awhile. I better go chill.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Yeah, it's a weird title for a song. And a post, since I had my tonsils out in the third grade. Had my fill of popsicles and coloring books by the time that ordeal was over. And my dad put in a brick patio behind our house while I was in the hospital. Must have been really worried aboot me...
I'm kidding. It was a very small patio.
I'm feeling way better, just a little shaky still. And starving. Could not for the life of me get to sleep today. I finally did aboot an hour before the alarm was set to wake me up. But holey moley, did I have some interesting dreams... Woo. Hoo.
I had been waiting patiently for "Walk the Line" to come out on dvd to rent. I hate when I do that because I usually build something up in my mind and then there's a chance for let-down. Such was the case with this movie. I realize that it would be terribly hard to cast an actor to portray Johnny Cash. And I really like Joaquin Phoenix. But had a problem with the latter playing the former. Can't even really think of anyone who might work better. Mr. Phoenix played a very good character, and played it well. It just wasn't quite Mr. Cash, if you know what I mean. And it seemed to me that the important parts of his life were skimmed over. There was just a lot of pill-popping and lusting after June. It is a shame to reduce his entire life to just that. It takes a lot to bore me but I was dangerously close. Don't even ask me how I felt aboot the ending...
I also finished watching "Derailed". (The only advantage to this flu, I actually had time to be entertained.) Can't believe I'm saying this but it was better than the other movie. Not in terms of acting, of course. I didn't expect anything, as opposed to the anticipation of WTL and so was not disappointed at all. Maybe that's the secret... I'll tell you one thing, if you were thinking of cheating on your spouse, this movie will make you think twice. Or three, or ten times. And next time you're on a train and you notice some cute chick with great legs, well, you just keep reading your paper Buddy Boy.
Ok, I'm going to go muster up the where-with-all to get my butt to work. And just what exactly is one's "where-with-all"??? And how'm I gonna muster up some?

Hate to waste such a provocative-sounding title on something as trival as this, but it's all I had that fit my state today.
OMG, whatever you do, DON'T get this bloody flu bug that's making it's rounds. Wear a face mask, latex gloves, a freakin' bio-hazard suit if you have to. I had had a scratchy throat and a little cough for a few days. Then last night in the shower, out of nowhere I thought I was going to pass out. Hurried and got out of there. And in the next half hour or so I thought I might die. I won't go into the pretty details, but I've never sweat and shook like that in my life. And my stomach felt like something like an alien baby might erupt at any time. Needless to say, I reported off work and slept and sweat alternately all night long. Opted for tea and toast a little while ago and am praying that wasn't a mistake. I'm totally famished and I want to eat a five-course meal. Am still rather shaky and have a pounding headache but otherwise feel much better. Like I said, avoid this thing at all costs.
Would love to write something cheerful and funny, but the head will not permit.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


It occurred to me on the ride home this morning, and for no apparent reason... Why are two such totally unrelated subjects as disease and laughter both referred to as "infectious"???
New Scavenger Hunt over at Jeff's.
Going to bed now, ttyl.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Just on the off-chance that anyone was offended by my previous post, in my defense, let me say that I'm old enough to do whatever I want and if I choose to cook, well, that is my prerogative.
Also, I neglected to thank JuJu for installing my flickr. I didn't need her help, she just offered. I hear you all snickering out there. Bite me.
Oooh, Wink is getting feisty. Time to go to bed. Say "G'Night, Wink."
(Need a smile? Simon says, "Go see Linda." Or rather, Linda says, "Go see Simon." Do it even if you don't need a smile...)

The weekend flew by much to quickly for my taste. Had a great time with the family here. We were constantly entertained by my two crazy grandkids. They have amazing personalities and I am neither partial nor exaggerating... Little JuJu staged a sell-out magic show which is now saved on video for years of enjoyment. Baby JuJu is teething and, though moderately irritable, was adorable and delightful. She's into mimicing and still loves dancing with her Nana. She seems to be liking Rod Stewart; Hot Legs and Ooh La La in particular.

On Saturday afternooon, JuJu took the kids to visit her dad and his family. Poopy was worn out and crashed for refueling. I had my kitchen ALL TO MYSELF. While that may not seem like a big deal to you, I love to cook and cooking alone and uninterrupted is a favorite pasttime of mine which happens all too infrequently these days. My original plan was just to make lasagna (sorry Jeff, leftovers are spoken for) but I ended up making pasta salad and individual cheese cakes besides.
Have you ever thought aboot what a ... sensual ... experience cooking can be??? Seriously. Think of it. First of all, I poured myself a nice white Zinfandel, put on some good music and shed my jeans and long-sleeved shirt for something, um, more comfortable. With the onions and meat browning in the pan, it was getting a tad warm in the kitchen. The sauce was bubbling in another pan. The smell of fresh mushrooms sauteing in butter is such an earthy smell, sometimes I get really into that aroma. Never really noticed, as I was breaking eggs into a bowl, just how slippy and drippy the egg whites are as they dribble into the bowl... I beat them and stirred in the creamy, white ricotta and added some chopped scallions, nutmeg and some Italian seasoning and it smelled rather yummy. By the time I had the water boiling for the noodles, the kitchen was downright steamy and the effect, coupled with a second glass of wine and some good music thumping with bass, I found myself dancing around and had to open a window for a breeze to cool me off. Whew... Julia Child must have died a happy woman.
Anyway, just let me say that I really enjoyed an afternoon in the kitchen all by myself. Dinner was almost as good ;-)

Saturday, April 01, 2006


I think Spring is finally here. My lawn needs raking, flower beds need weeding, etc., etc. Today might be the perfect day to do that but I have other plans.

I was up at 4 am watching Derailed. Got tired in the middle of it and went to bed and got up at 9am. Spent the morning being family with the kids and am now going to get my act together so that I may run to the store to get some last-minute items to make a huge pan of lasagna for our dinner. Both my kids and grandkids will be here for some happy time. And we are going to eat and laugh and have a good time.
You have a good weekend too.