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According to Jeff A., today is "Why in the hell am I still working here?" Day. Knowing Jeff, this could be an actual day of celebration or he could have made it up just to get me fired from my job. Either way, I assured him that I would jump on the wagon and post aboot that very subject. Gullible, you say? Probly. Regardless...

I have been at my job for 10 years, 8 months and some odd days. The first two years I loved my job. In the years between then and now I have worked in quite a few different capacities. Some I liked, some I tolerated. Some I excelled at, some I muddled through. A couple of years ago I was the sole worker in one department. I worked under a supervisor but basically ran the department on my own for a time. Yes, I loved that. Through no fault of my own, (honest!) the department closed down. I was relocated back to the department that I had started in 8 years previous. Not happy. At that point I started to seriously think aboot a job search. It was around that time that it became necessary for me to put PD on my health insurance and that put a quick and final end to the thoughts of looking elsewhere. We couldn't be without insurance for him. So I hung in there.

Fast forward to last summer when I was working the night shift. I was loving that. Not going into details, I had started in yet another department, working on a new product which was quite interesting, despite the fact that I was working in a controlled area with tons of restrictions for the integrity of the product. I don't know if I said that right but it (product) must be way clean.
I was working with a bunch of new people that I really liked. At this point I had accrued over three weeks of vacation time, some decent profit sharing, built up my 401K and was earning a pretty good shift differential. Things were looking pretty good. I didn't like the thoughts of starting a new job and having to start over earning vacation time, etc. Seniority counts for something. So I decided to sit back and get comfortable for that time being.

I was not happy to go back on the day shift, mostly because I would be working with aboot 5 times as many people. But now that that is happening, I am actually fine with it. It was an adjustment to be sure, but sometimes you amaze yourself with your powers of adaptability.

I work for a good company. It is growing all the time and is quite competitive. We have a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. In fact we won a Manufacturer of the Year Award recently. Don't quote me on that title. When we're not working overtime, I'm happy with my work hours. Except, of course, when my alarm goes off at 5:30 am... But I can be at work in 15 minutes. There is a great cafeteria. There are lots of kind and generous people. There are lots of loonies too, but we have a good time. :-) All in all, my job could be lots worse.

That's all I have to say aboot that. Don't wanna Dooce myself ;-)

(Don't be asking me what I do and what product we make and all that. I ain't saying.)



Blogger Simon said...

I've had many of those same thoughts in my years here where I work. Now, I'd hate to lose the vacation time and the employer contributions to my RSP, and the really good health coverage. I'd probably do something different right now were I single and had no dependants, but that little quirk to the equation REALLY makes a person think differently about what options they have and whether the risk is worth it.

9:29 AM EST  
Blogger 2complx said...

I'm curious, what kind of product do you make?
I worked in the energy industry 'big oil' for almost nine years I had to get out. I took a huge risk to leave. The main reason it took me so long to leave was the reasons you listed 401K, insurance, pension, and vacation. Sometimes I wonder 'what have I done?' but then that will soon pass and I will remember the plant and go 'OH, thats right, because I was burned out!'

10:20 AM EST  
Anonymous Jeff A said...

Yeah, there is that whole insurance thing, and losing my vacation time which took me this long to acquire. I have had worse jobs and whenever I feel down about mine I just remind myself of the time I worked for the veterinarian. That pretty much makes anything look good!

11:11 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My things have changed. Are you sure you still work at the same place?


5:02 PM EST  
Blogger M+ said...

I kinda know how you feel.
I love my job. I've been at it for alomst 11 years, on a multitude of different production lines. Lotta decent benefits. I'm always proud to tell people what I do for a living (Medical Devices are so respectable - especially the life-support device that I test). And, in spite of the jerks and idiots, there are a lot of great people for me to converse with everyday. Of course, I'm usually already working at 5:30am - but that's just because I'm such a glutton for the OT.
And... for all the shortcomings that my company may exhibit, I am still truly blessed to be there.

6:59 PM EST  
Blogger Mark said...

I won't even start to go into my job-hopping past, because it would turn into an entire post in itself. Let's just say that I'm 36 and the longest I've ever been in one job is 2 years. Longest working for one company? 3.5 years (where I am now)

Stability has its ups and downs, just like you said. Ah, to start my professional life all over again knowing what I know now...

12:16 AM EST  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Si: Sheesh, you made me remember that I have great medical coverage and employer contribs to my 401K. Yes, having to provide for those besides yourself is a whole 'nother
ball of enchiladas.

TC: You are such a bitch :-Þ
Yeah, it's best to move on when (or before!) you get burned out; by that time you're no good to anyone or yourself.

Jeff: Never knew about the veterinarian.(how the heck do you spell that?) I'm guessing that was messy?

Nat: I doubt very much if you would recognize it. Truly. How's your school work going?

M+: Yes, I imagine that is a great field to be in. You like OT? *chills* Not me.

Interesting W.V. IZKYXKZJ

3:45 AM EST  
Blogger M+ said...

Not just "like OT?", "glutton" for it!
Actually, I can't live without it. Not since the soon-to-be-EX bailed out.

9:22 AM EST  

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