Friday, June 30, 2006

Since I'm leaving in the morning and may not have time to post I thought I'd write tonight and leave you with something to read while I'm gone. I don't know how much havoc I'll be able to wreak this weekend, TC... but I'll see what I can get into.

Forgot to wish all you Canucks a very happy and safe Canada Day. How do you celebrate the holiday up there?

When we were on the Vineyard, the weather was terrific. The sun came up at an ungodly 5:30 am and no, I didn't get to watch a sunrise while I was there. My bad. Did however, get to witness some beautiful sunsets. And the moon... One night Kate and I were outside on the porch which looked out over a small harbor. I noticed a red light pretty high up in the sky. It seemed too high to be on a boat or something. I kept watching it and it seemed to get bigger and bigger. I pointed it out to Kate and we were both like, what the hell. Over a period of a few minutes, it got bigger and oranger. More orange, rather. Then it split in half sideways, horizontally. Then we realized we were looking at the moon and it had been behind a cloud. Definitely a "duh" moment for both of us... When the cloud moved, it was gorgeous. Never saw the moon that color.

We were invited to have cocktails with Kate's cousins who live on the island. John and Lois are retired and have an awesome little place on Crystal Lake. From their deck you can look out over a small lake and then the big water. Made for a spectacular sunset. We spent a lovely evening there with them. We went for cocktails yes, (I had my first Gin and Tonic which John made wickedly potent) but they put out a snack spread to behold! We gorged ourselves on fresh cut vegetables with a simple, delicious dip of sour cream and chives from their herb garden. There were grapes, cheeses, crackers, shrimp cocktail, olive hummus, tortillas, and sushi. The last, which I tried for the first time. And probly the last too. Not my cup o' tea. Which surprised me, I thought I would like it. I wanted to like it. I could not like it. There are only a few things in the world (ok, in America anyway) that I don't eat. Those things are: salmon cakes, peaches out of a can, and anchovies. And if you forced me, I could choke down any of those. Limburger cheese, however; I would run screaming from limburger cheese. Add sushi to that first list.
The food and drink was great but the conversation was something else. Kate's cousins are, I believe, born entertainers and story tellers. The kind where you hang on every word. And laugh, my goodness. John is very eloquent and colorful. After a drink or two he is downright outrageous. He was a music professor and had some great teaching experiences. Lois has a rather dry sense of humor and plays very well off John's rantings. They are delightful, warm and showed us a great evening.
The knee is feeling better. I slept for awhile this evening and gave it a rest. Poopy can't get over how I got my knee between the door and the dashboard. But he didn't blink an eye today when we were carrying groceries in from the car and somehow I ended up with the door decoration balanced on the back of my head. My hands were full, I was trying to hold the door for him. Next thing I knew, the platter-sized painted wooden cut-out of a basket of flowers was on my head. It stayed there until I got to the top of the steps and could put the groceries on the counter. ... I don't know...
K, have a good weekend and I'll try not to break anything.

Who's happier than me that it's Friday and the work week is over? N-O-B-O-D-Y. That's who.
And who wishes that just maybe they hadn't accepted an invitation to a 50th Anniversary party in a town two and a half hours away on a Saturday? That could very well be M-E. I'm still unpacking and doing laundry from vacation and now I have to clean out a bag so that I can re-pack it. But that's ok, once I get in the car tomorrow morning, I'll be happy. It's a nice ride and I have some new music to listen to. If the weather cooperates, I'll be just fine. I do my best thinking in the car. It's my alone time. And once I get there, I'll be with Family and friends that I don't see often so that will be fun. I'll come back Sunday morning. Staying over with Kate and we will be looking at photos and reliving vacation and laughing most likely...
I kind of got away from the Vineyard posts, I will get back to that if y'all would like. I put some pics on my new Flickr badge if you want to check them out. I'll get some more on there in the next few days.
My knee still hurts, especially if I turn quickly and of course I keep forgetting that. I'm a left-footed braker so driving this weekend promises to be interesting. It's neither bruised or swollen, just very tender. Thanks for askin'.
If any of you (A-murrah-cans) are celebrating the July 4th Holiday this weekend, have a Grand Ole time. We're counting fingers here next week so careful with the fireworks. And Don't Drink and Drive, dammit.
Tammy, if you're on- if you get the opportunity, please tell Jessica I lost her addy in the CRASH and ask her to please mail me.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


...this. Keep your legs out of places they shouldn't be. Like between the dashboard of your car and the car door. No, I don't know how I did it but it hurts like a sonofabitch. My knee. My legs are too long. A normal person couldn't get their knee up there in the first place and I don't know why mine was there. I was leaving work, in a hurry as usual and shut the door (or tried to) on my knee which was up past the steering wheel, between the dashboard and the freakin' door. That will leave a mark I bet...
This reminds me of something that happened to me the night of my first date after my first husband and I um, parted. The guy called me the night of our date to tell me he would be late or early or horny or something, I forget. Anyway, I had just stepped out of the shower and was in a towel when I answered the phone. We had gotten to talking and I toweled off and started to dress while I was still on the phone. We finished our conversation and I hung the phone up (the old kind with an actual cord). I walked away and the phone crashed to the floor because the cord had been through the leg of my panties. D-oh.
I've come close to falling out of chairs because I tend to cross my legs and then wrap the upper leg around the lower leg and crook my foot around my other ankle. If for any reason you have to get up in a hurry, sometimes it takes a minute or two to get untangled... And I can't count the times I've had to crawl under tables in restaurants to retrieve a shoe. I take them off lots of times and they end up sometimes farther away from my feet than I can reach.
That's enough aboot my legs. I think I'm going to go put some ice on my knee.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I don't mean that to sound like "just alright", it was great. Me and TOG went to the Offshore Ale House for dinner and entertainment. It's a cool place with a nautical decor, good food, barrels of peanuts at the door, shells all over the floor and some good entertainment. Saturday night it was Pete and Mike. They are mere children but had a really good sound. They played a lot of music like Dave Matthews, accoustic stuff. I enjoyed them and told them so, dammit. A really good song they played was called Tastin' Chocolate, Simon. (You can hear it if you click on their site.)The place was really laid back and the waitresses were fun and cute.
I had Ned Casey Pizza and blueberry beer for dinner. And peanuts. I asked the waitress who Ned Casey was. Just a guy who had been there once and ordered a pizza just the way he liked it and it caught on. It was great. But hold the anchovies, please :-Þ I can't even remember what all was on it but some kind of olives I'd never heard of. They were green but tasted black. Or maybe they were black and tasted green.
I think that later that night we went some other places because I seem to remember dancing to something reggae. Yeah, that's right. What I said. I think it was at the The Rare Duck. I'ts not that I was drunk that I'm having a hard time remembering, it's cause we went so many places.
The Ale House is in Oak Bluffs, my favorite part of the island. Our house was there and you could walk to just aboot anywhere you wanted; shopping, beaches, food, bars. Laid back during the day and hopping at night.
Time for bed. You know what? I think I left my heart on the island. Nothing feels as good here as it did there. Must go back. Now. Good thing I haven't unpacked.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


After dinner I went out on the patio for a schmoke and there was a huge throng of slightly rowdy youngsters hanging there. When I asked what the occasion was, I was told that Lola's was hosting Taxi Driver's Appreciation Night. Well, let me tell you, drivers of Vineyard taxis are some fun people. They had just invited me to join them in a little bit of medicinal tobacco appreciation when some older people younger than me came out on the patio and everyone pretty much scattered. There were some brownies being passed around. Yeah, I ate one, you have a problem with that? Lola made them and they were very tasty.

I went back inside and Kate and I checked out the diningroom where there was an elaborately decorated alcove containing a mannequin wearing an authentic costume that King Paul wore in a Mardi Gras parade at one time. Turns out Lola is married to King Paul. Also turns out that "Lance" who's been hanging out all evening is King Paul's alter ego. He made a really goofy face when I took his picture. We never did find out just who Lola is, it was like it was some kind of big secret. Anyway... she's a damn good cook.
The band was Motown something or other. They were really good. Played some Reggae which I loved. The lead singer was a James Brown type and his female singer was really cool and had a great voice and legs. They did the obligatory "I Will Survive" which I think to be one of the gaggiest songs ever but the guitar player did an awesome solo in the middle. I told him so on their next break and we talked about music for quite awhile. He argued with me that AC/DC is the greatest rock band ever, not U2. Yo! Angus! His name was Kaspar Galli and he came here from Switzerland to make a name for himself. He gave me a cd of his called Stranded and it's pretty good. Just a teeny bit jazzy for my taste, but good. The bass player from Berkley joined in our conversation at one point and was totally impressed when I asked him what ax(e) he played. Thanks Ruby ;-) He was way into Jaco, too.
The crowd there was an interesting mix allright. Saw a woman who definitely had some Kennedy blood. There was a guy who looked like Santa Claus in long shorts with red suspenders and tube sox and high-tops. My favorite was this ancient-looking, well-preserved voodoo princess in a leopard-print caftan who moved around the floor like a spectre as if she was in her own little mojo world. Cool as heck. She knew I was getting a kick out of her cause she smiled and winked at me. A bald headed guy in a Hawaiian shirt with two very young groupies were dancing around and started a train. I joined in until I thought my arms would fall off from holding on. Was fun. Got my dancing fix that night. And slept really good. That ocean air coupled with a good beer buzz and sheer glee makes for some great z-z-z's.
Stay tuned for more adventures.
I found this link to watch a tour of Lola's. I couldn't get it to work of course, but maybe you can. :-)

Monday, June 26, 2006


I'm excited as heck to share some of my vacation with y'all. Of course, you must understand that some of "what happened on the island, stayed on the island." Cut me some slack ;-).
As for The Other Girls (heretofore to be referred to as TOG), if they want to fess up to anything, they're welcome to add their offerings in my comments. Don't count on it... I'm not at liberty to tell.

First off, let me tell you. Martha's Vineyard is everything that my friend Kate promised, and more. It's a magical place. I should begin by telling you some of the very colorful history of the island, but it's been a long night at work and I'm anxious to get to sleep soon. Maybe another day.

I started keeping a meticulous journal which lasted until all of Monday. So I'll need to rely on my (?) memory for a lot of this. Poor You. Anyway, instead of telling you all we did, day by day, I'll just relate to you some of the highlights of the trip. Hope you have your reading glasses and a couple of weeks with no other pressing business to attend to.

I want to tell you about a really great restaurant/nightclub we went to called Lola's. It's a charming place located somewhere on the island, don't ask me where. I'm pretty sure it's in Oak Bluffs, where we stayed. I'm pretty sure because once when we passed it I thought that we could probly have walked there from our house. If we'd had to.
We started out with dinner. The maitre d' was a very genteel gentleman who seemed very knowledgeable aboot the island and it's colorful history. He reminded me of my Uncle Jack. He seated us at a table that was covered in a leopard-print velvet tablecloth with all the crystal and silver you'd ever want to steal. The leopard-print napkins were folded perfectly and slipped inside the water goblets. The room had a very distinct style with black wrought-iron scroll work in the archways and around the windows. It reminded me of maybe New Orleans. Our waitress (Heidi/Helga?) was adorable, with a thick accent from Belgium I think. I had jumbo stuffed shrimp which was to die for. It was stuffed with lobster, crab and baby scallops with melted cheeses and garlic, wine and butter. They served it with a salad and yummy garlic mashed potatoes. I was trying to choose an appropriate wine from the wine list but TOG weren't interested, so I think I just had iced tea.
I wanted to tell you aboot the rest of that evening but, I'm sorry, I'm really tired. I will finish this tonight or tomorrow. Did I make you hungry???

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Arrived home this morning, safe, sound, sated, sleepy and starting to save up for my return trip to the Vineyard. Had the time of my life and will be back tomorrow here to share stories and with any luck, pictures before Christmas.
Must return to work tonight and am a bit cranky aboot that...
There is sand in everything I own. In a good way.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Real quick. I might not get on here again before I leave. JuJu and the kids are on their way and I have oodles of noodles, er, I mean lots of things to do. Seems silly to iron things before they go in a suitcase to just get all wrinkled so maybe I'll stop ironing. If I sit here long enough I will talk myself out of doing everything left on my list.

I'm starting to get very excited. Have I mentioned that I have not been to the beach or had a "real" vacation since my kids were little? And spending a week with my best friend, Kate-who's been my best friend since first grade! -is going to be awesome. I've been ordered by Poopy to spend money. I'll try, baby, I'll try. I'm not a spender, it's gonna be rough. But lobster night, forget it, I'm breaking out. I can taste it now. Lord. Butter dripping down my chin, mmmmm...
I also plan to be slightly inebriated most of the week. And I'm going to find the hopping-est dance place on the island and tear it down. Hope to hear some good music. Maybe hook up with a cute bass player. Aw geeze, my imagination is getting carried away. Maybe I'll just get a tattoo instead. Did I type that out loud?
Anyway, I need to sign off here and get some serious packing done. Pulling up anchor at 8 am tomorrow. Like I'm going to get any sleep tonight. I've already been up 21 hours. Hope at least some of this post makes sense.
Stay tuned. Next week, same place, same time, right here, Ladies and Gentlemen, "Girls Gone Wild!!!" Yeah, right. Just wish us a safe trip. Will send postcards :-)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

LOST... (not the TV Show)
I had a really cool post half done this morning in which I gave you each little assignments to do while I'm gone next week so you would think of me now and then. It described my diagnosis years ago as the most hystrionic personality my psychologist had ever come across. If you know anything or nothing aboot personality types, a hystrionic person needs and craves constant attention. That's not me, I don't know what the dude was talking aboot. Anyway, Blogger shut down and I lost the post. Feck it. One of the few posts I've written that actually took a lot of thought. The assignments were chosen carefully and suited each one of your respective personalities and were picked with ease and simplicity in mind so as not to cause any of you undue stress or strain. I wouldn't want you to associate thinking of me with anything stressful or uncomfortable.
I've used up all my alloted computer time for this morning. Y'all have a good day now.
And Blogger, :-Þ to you.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Hey. What's up? I am, finally; but not after running all over town this morning, not getting any packing done, getting all wide awake and then falling into bed exhausted and then not being able to sleep. NyQuil to the rescue. Makes waking up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed more than a little bit of an impossibility. So now I must rush to shower and eat and off to work again. I need a vacation.

If you're feeling inclined, mail me your address and I'll send you a post card from Martha's Vineyard. Do it soon, I'm leaving early Friday morning.
This was so cool: I was in the grocery store this morning. I was attempting to return my basket to the stack inside the front door. This darling little old man, probly aboot 85 or older I would say, was bent over the pile, filling the top basket with an armload's worth of items. I stood watching him aboot two feet away, waiting. Might I add that I love old people in a respectful, admiring way. When he realized I was standing there, he looked up at me with a twinkle in his eye and a big grin and pronounced "Hi!" in a way that made me think he recognized me and was glad to see me. I said "Hi!" back, as enthusiastically as he had. He finished filling his basket, looked back at me and said "How are ya?" to which I answered, "Wonderful. And you?" Still grinning, he said he was great and rewarded me with a big old wink. He lifted his basket from the stack and I replaced mine. I winked back at him and then I smiled the whole way home.

Monday, June 12, 2006


Seems that in the short time that I was away, all the things I wanted to say got all balled up in my head and now there's this huge knot of drivel clogging all the arteries in my brain. It's probably the cause of brain aneurysms and if I sneeze, get the hell out of Dodge.
A couple more hits of coffee here and maybe I can untangle something worth mentioning.
Ha. A funny thing happened on the way home from work this morning. I stopped at the MAC machine to acquire some cash. I inserted my card, checked my balance and punched in the amount I wanted to withdraw. In the meantime, I think I turned and put my purse on the seat or something, whatever, but I turned away from the automatic teller. I heard the machine cough up my dough and turned back to retrieve it. The slot was empty. What the hell. There was a full moon last night, don't tell me bank machines feel the effects of the lunar pull... Nah. But I thought, dammit, now I have to stay up and wait for the bank to open and call and get this straightened out. I don't know now what gave me the idea, but I had this picture in my head of a MAC machine spitting out money all over the place. You don't suppose...
I tried to open my car door but I'm really excellent at pulling up close to the machine so I don't have to take off my seatbelt so I couldn't open the door. I pulled up past the machine and got out and there were my fifteen twenty-dollar bills all over the freaking pavement. With wet tire tracks on them.
I'm guessing the security people who watch the video today will be snickering. Wish now I had just looked up at the camera and flipped it off.
Going to go have breakfast now. At this point I am completely addicted to Simon's Reese's F---ing Toast (By the way, I bet the mini chips melt better/faster, am I correct? I've been using the semi-sweet regular size chips and have no complaints...) If I can't get to sleep, I will either do some laundry, wash my newly-streaked-blonde hair or come back on here and post or chat or email or play Spider Solitaire or something equally exciting. Who knows. Y'all have a great day.
Happy Birthday to my Awesome Handsome nephew Alex. Love you, Buddy!!!

Sunday, June 11, 2006


According to my dashboard, this is my post #201. Who ever woulda thunk I'da had so much to say? Well, that's debatable. I was reading through some older posts last night and I seem to get stuck on a few subjects. Must get some new material.
Let's try this out for size- I must mow the lawn today. It is one of my least favorite chores around the house but one that I get a great sense of satisfaction from when it's finished. Looking at a beautiful, well-trimmed lawn is far and away more gratifying than a cupboard full of clean dishes or a shiny, pristine toilet bowl. I'm thinking now of my list of gratifying experiences. Time to implement the bullet function. Let me bang off a list here... bad pun.

Top 10 Sources of Gratification in Winkworld:
  1. Exhausting, mind-blowing sex
  2. A scrumptious 5-course meal
  3. A really heart-felt hug, from a very short or tall person and anyone in between.
  4. Three words; "I Love You"
  5. A fully-functional and operational iPod. (yet to be seen. don't ask...)
  6. Being understood.
  7. An end-of-the-day, well-deserved, uninterrupted cigarette.
  8. Waking up feeling rested (if I remember correctly)
  9. A good work review accompanied with a raise
  10. Knowing, at the end of the day, that I did my level best at everything I attempted.

I could have gone on and on there. I have a lot of gratifying things in my life come to think of it. Those listed are not in any particular order of significance...

Tell me some of yours.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm seeing some weird patterns in my thinking. I'm a big believer in synchronicity, coincidence and the idea that all things are connected in some way or another. When I'm thinking, (which, ok, isn't all that often and never completed) lots of times I start at a point and before long, I realize that I've "linked" to so many other (sometimes even unrelated to the original thought) ideas that I'll start approaching something near to what I started out pondering.
Earlier today or tonight or sometime in the past, who knows? I was leafing through a music catalog and came across a Cowsills release. If that makes no sense to you, you're too young to be reading here and up past your bedtime... They had a song called "The Rain, the Park and Other Things". A real classic tune. *clears throat* Anyway. Later this evening, actually aboot a half an hour ago I was enjoying my nightly visit with Mr. Moon on the porch. It appears to be full tonight, or nearly so. I was thinking aboot the lunar influences on people; psychotics, pregnant women, people in general. Oh and werewolves. But I noticed that a full or nearly full moon has a calming effect on me. I am a fan of Mr. Moon, I have a pewter likeness of him with little tiny chains attached with little stars and clouds hanging on. It hangs on my rearview mirror in my car and is my constant travelling companion. I have a gold pendant of a half-moon with a teeny star cradled in the crescent that my brother gave me for Christmas years ago. I wear it alternately with my cherished Nana pendant given me by JuJu and Poopy when LittleJuJu was born. Not sure why I'm telling you this, except to illustrate that I have a long-time love affair with Mr. M.
So anyhow, I'm sitting on my swing pondering the Moon and all his influences. Dark Side of the Moon crossed my mind and for a bit I was stuck on the dark sides of people and things. Then I thought aboot other songs aboot the Moon. Moon River came to mind, a beautiful old song a lot of you may have never heard. Which is more aboot a river than the moon but... Then I wondered if there is a real Moon River and where it is and made a point to ask here if any of you know the answer to that question. And then I remembered a song I used to love (ok, still do) by the band Alabama called The Dark of the Moon or the Night or some damn thing. I used to like country music, don't anymore, but it was a great song.
Another thing aboot Mr. Moon; have you ever really looked at his expression? It's kind of a startled sadness; as if he was just up there, shining, looking down and suddenly realized what a sorry place this Earth has become and he's fighting back tears. That's just my take on it. I've talked to a few people aboot it and they claim not to see it... Story of my life. I think all my life I've been searching for one other person with my eyes. Still looking.
That may or may not have explained how my thought process worked full circle. It makes sense to me, so I guess that's all that's important.
How are you all? If you think of it, send me your email address, chances are if I had you in my winkerbear address book, it's gone now. I know I need yours, Dana. Thanks in advance. I'm still remembering important things I've lost and trying not to dwell on them.
When we get the computer room/desk back to it's original condition and I'm better able to find things, I will locate my trivia book and post some for you buffs. So get out your dusty thinking caps and be ready. It probably won't be this week as I'm still busy getting ready for vacation and trying to relearn camera operation, picking reading material to take, music, etc. etc. And of course I need to put in a full week's worth of work and try to sleep too. Ok, the trivia thing might not happen for awhile.
CRASH (not the movie)...
No, I didn't realize that I was hopelessly addicted to blogging. Not just writing but reading. I joked aboot it often enough but I certainly didn't expect to get the shakes and sweats and all that. Not having access here was much like quitting smoking in December. Then, I would think, "As soon as I finish here (with whatever) I will reward myself with a smoke." Then the realization would smack me upside the head that that warn't no option. Same thing happened after the CRASH, which is how the experience will be referred to here from now on. I would think to myself, "Haven't checked mail for a bit," or "I should go post something" and then I would remember the CRASH and my body would go into a tense craving state that left me no choice but to wait until it passed. The tightening of the throat and chest, the convulsive sobbing, the intense sweating and trembling all escalated as the week progressed. I'm ok now, thanks.
Got my fix.
Oh, and I must thank JuJu for her extensive (!) up-keep of my blog. Just between you and me, I think I've raised a bit of a smart ass, what do you think? Ah, you gotta love 'em...
But seriously, JuJu, thanks. It must have been quite a sacrifice to take time away from your own blog to update mine. ;-) I appreciate it.
So on to other things... How do I like my new computer? Not sure yet. The keyboard is smaller, and that feels weird. The flat screen is cool and takes up a lot less desk space than our old monitor. Will just take some getting used to I guess. The contrast must need adjusted, the colors on the screen seem really dark. Poopy, come make yourself useful! Now that's a joke because he spent a huge part of this evening setting up and all that fun stuff. Just so I could feed my fix. What a guy. You should have heard him on the phone today ranting and raving aboot the botched up delivery time of the computer... Oooooh weeeee! Will tell you aboot that another time.
How have I been? Stressed. Not my usual state. Not this stressed. Could be that I haven't been able to vent here for awhile. Could be that I got certified in my new position at work, and had my yearly review this week and am trying to pack and plan for vacation next week and haven't been sleeping terribly well. And the weather has not been cooperating with the height of the grass in the back yard. Or the front. Needs mowing. Badly. Lots of things need done and now. I need a clone. Badly. Can anyone hook me up with one? Have you ever thought aboot what you might do if you actually had a clone? In case you've never watched "Multiplicity" with Michael Keaton, you may want to. The possibilities are endless and intriguing. At least I think so. People I have discussed the possibilities (of having yourself cloned) with, invariably say something like, it would be like closet space, the more you have the more you find to fill them up. I guess they think if they had a clone, they would not have more time, just would find more things to do. I think I might work one of me to death and let the other me just screw off and party all the time. Anyway.
Earlier when I first got back on here and saw tons of emails needing attention and realized how many blogs I need to catch up on, I got kind of overwhelmed (only because I was already feeling overstressed when I came on here) so I did what I had to and retired to the back porch, my solace/haven. That was aboot 3am. It was really dark and a little eerie, there was a breeze but the sky was really black and ominous looking. I stood there for a bit, smoking and trying to relax. All of a sudden, right in the spot I'd been looking at in the sky, some clouds parted and there was the moon shining back at me. Like a bright spot in all that darkness. Was very comforting. I took it as a sign that there is, indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I really will get all this crap done so I can just enjoy my trip. Maybe if I get off here and get some things done, I will feel better. I already do, just getting this out. Thanks.
Anyone out there read Bukowski? Watched the movie that's out aboot him and am dying to discuss him with someone.
Been listening to Bare Naked Ladies, just "discovered" them and am liking them a LOT.
Looking forward to getting caught up on all your blogs, friends. Missed you all terribly.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Oops. The Mother asked me to update for you all to let you know that her new computer would be shipping on the 8th (or was it the 9th?) .

So, to update:

New computer, shipping in a few days.

You're up to speed!!

Also? You are all boring. Only two out of the three comments had mean ideas for the blog and frankly I am quite disappointed. Where's your creativity? If I can figure out how to change the username and password (or if Blogger even has the option) maybe I'll let you all post whatever you want here.

Even dirty naked photographs if you want! WooHoo!

Just Kidding.


Thursday, June 01, 2006


Hello One Wink blog readers... JuJuBee here with an important announcement from your beloved Linda:

Me computer broken.
Make scary noises.
Me no likey.
Me cry and cry.
Me be back soon.
Talk amongst yourselves.

It was something like that, I was sort of only half listening as she relayed what to write here. You get the point.

Since I have free reign over her blog here, I say we do something mean. Taking suggestions in the comments.