Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This may well be my last post here at Blogger. I will miss how I know where everything is, the different sized fonts and colored text and some of the other things that have taken me aboot a year to master... but it's time to say good bye here. When someone starts putting pressure on me to make choices, it makes me antsy and bitchy. When I can't post because I can't get to my dashboard, I clench my teeth and fists. When this is no longer fun, well, it's no longer fun.

So I spent today, a "snow day" off work to set up a new blog over at Word Press. I'll see how I like it over there. I worked on it until my butt started hurting from sitting too long, so there are still things I need to do. My flickr badge isn't up yet, I'm trying to figure out how to set up sitemeter, I'd like to put music on there. Hell, I might even look into Scratch 'n Sniff and virtual coffee dispensing. Who knows??? At any rate, don't expect a lot right off. But what's really important besides words? Mine and yours.

I thought of starting over with a new theme but One Wink is special to me so I decided to stay with that. No, I'm not doing Nearly Naked Thursdays (get over it) and I didn't see a word verification option so you can enjoy that and/or put up with spammers, time will tell. I could possibly change the template again, I'm not happy aboot the way my title shows up. It's a little hard to read. I really want a customized banner but don't have the know-how to pull that kind of coup off. Maybe someday...

Oh, Word Press wouldn't let me use my hotmail address (wtf?) so I have a new yahoo address. If anybody knows a way around that, please lmk. I love my hotmail.

Okay, enough already. Go here and don't look back. Sheesh, I'm getting choked up, I feel like I'm losing my best friend, I swear.

Love You,


Blogger Mishka said...

Sad to see you leaving Blogger...I really like it and I figure every company does upgrades so the switch over doesn't bother me. I'll update my link on your page...and check in with you as you get settled over at Wordpress.

2:03 PM EST  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Hi Mishka, Thanks and have patience with me! :-)

4:57 PM EST  
Blogger 2complx said...

I feel like I'm loosing a friend. I can not get onto the wrodpress blog.

12:05 PM EST  
Blogger Mark said...

Oh, you're using the WordPress hosting option? That's not how I use WordPress, so I can't help much.

But, like 2c, I can't bring up your new blog either. I hope it doesn't sour WP for everybody. I installed WP on the internet host I already had for my domain name, so I'm not using a free hosting site. That's where a lot of the breakdown comes with various blog sites -- it's free, so there are no guarantees. I pay a minimal fee. Like, a total of $15/year at the most.

My host,, offers very cheap plans and now pre-installed WordPress. Just a thought, and you can import your entire Blogger blog into WordPress very easily (I did when I moved).

12:26 PM EST  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

TC: PLEASE tell me you're joking... Something tells me you're not. For you, I would keep two blogs if Blogger would keep letting me on here when I want to post...

Mark: If it would cost $ for you and TC to be able to read, I would pay for it. When you get time, tell me (in terms that I can understand) what the differences are. I don't want to get all confused or in over my head with technical stuff...
This is such a bummer. I never realized that not everybody could get it. What about typepad??? Ju suggested I go there...

4:51 PM EST  
Blogger Mishka said...

You know, your template is not so customized that you could update to the layouts and not love them...I thought the switch for me went well and I love the new much better than the old. I have the new place on my link list for you...hope you get the kinks worked out over there.

5:57 PM EST  
Blogger david santos said...

This work is very good. Thank you
Good week

2:39 PM EDT  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

David, Gracias :-)

5:16 PM EDT  
Blogger Terrible lie said...

so sad..I see so many people come and go on here..Makes me feel a little emptier inside to see

7:24 PM EDT  
Blogger Jesus Forever said...

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1:12 PM EDT  

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