Saturday, February 10, 2007


Was going to post yesterday and earlier today but Dashboard wouldn't let me. So I better not pass up this op.

And it better be a damnwell interesting post. No pressure, Linda...

K, so what do we want to read? I could tell you aboot the sex dreams I've been having. Or I could tell you what happened to me once in the ladies room at a popular night spot. Or how a parachute almost landed on my boyfriend and I as we were making out in a secluded area in a park lots of years ago. But nah, that's all boring stuff.

Valentine's Day is coming fast. Not at all prepared this year. Normally PD and I combine our first date anniversary with Valentine's Day and celebrate on the Saturday night that's closest to one or the other. We would always have dinner at the restaurant where we ate on our first date but last year the owner retired and closed the place. So dining there is no longer feasible, enjoyable or possible. Thing is, this is a big year for us. The anniversary is our 17th and it occurs on the 17th and our lucky number just happens to be... (guess). Yepper. Seventeen. So we really should do something pretty spectacular. The other thing is that PD hasn't been feeling very well at all lately so we may have to chuck the whole idea and just stay home and reminisce or something. As it is, the majority of anniversary dinners we have spent together have ended up being accompanied by either snow or ice storms. That's always fun, taking your life in your hands after stuffing yourself with as much expensive food as you can.

It's hard for me to believe that it's been 17 years since my first date with my husband. Sometimes it feels like just a few years ago. Oh, and other times... ;-) Never mind.

Tell me how y'all are planning to show the Love.



Anonymous JuJuBee said...

17 years? Wow, that makes me feel old. I guess I will be picking up the phone to wish my husband a Happy heart day.

5:11 PM EST  
Anonymous JuJuBee said...

and I might be the only one, but thanks for not sharing your sex dreams ;)

5:12 PM EST  
Blogger M+ said...

Congrats on 17 years.
I already gave my lady her gift-basket on Saturday night, since we won't be together again until after Valentines Day. I picked out a few little items for her - some bath oils, lotions, candles, chocolates and a pewter rose - and put them all into a basket. Then I tossed in a silk rose that has a minature teddy bear clinging to the stem. She loved it.

4:10 PM EST  
Blogger Mark said...

Hey, we'll hit 15 years in August, and we're not old.

So, you were fishing for which topic we want next time? I'm for the ladies room incident.

Plans for VD? Hmm... A date night for us ain't lookin' good, so it looks like the lady and I will have dinner with Ben and then switch into romance mode after we've tucked him in for the night.

I think I'll grab some strawberries and almond bark on the way home from work. We had a lot of fun with that the first time I did it a few years ago. Plus, some quality roses are in order (although they really do gouge for this holiday). Maybe I'll check out something with her favorite flower.

1:14 AM EST  

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