Saturday, June 10, 2006

CRASH (not the movie)...
No, I didn't realize that I was hopelessly addicted to blogging. Not just writing but reading. I joked aboot it often enough but I certainly didn't expect to get the shakes and sweats and all that. Not having access here was much like quitting smoking in December. Then, I would think, "As soon as I finish here (with whatever) I will reward myself with a smoke." Then the realization would smack me upside the head that that warn't no option. Same thing happened after the CRASH, which is how the experience will be referred to here from now on. I would think to myself, "Haven't checked mail for a bit," or "I should go post something" and then I would remember the CRASH and my body would go into a tense craving state that left me no choice but to wait until it passed. The tightening of the throat and chest, the convulsive sobbing, the intense sweating and trembling all escalated as the week progressed. I'm ok now, thanks.
Got my fix.
Oh, and I must thank JuJu for her extensive (!) up-keep of my blog. Just between you and me, I think I've raised a bit of a smart ass, what do you think? Ah, you gotta love 'em...
But seriously, JuJu, thanks. It must have been quite a sacrifice to take time away from your own blog to update mine. ;-) I appreciate it.
So on to other things... How do I like my new computer? Not sure yet. The keyboard is smaller, and that feels weird. The flat screen is cool and takes up a lot less desk space than our old monitor. Will just take some getting used to I guess. The contrast must need adjusted, the colors on the screen seem really dark. Poopy, come make yourself useful! Now that's a joke because he spent a huge part of this evening setting up and all that fun stuff. Just so I could feed my fix. What a guy. You should have heard him on the phone today ranting and raving aboot the botched up delivery time of the computer... Oooooh weeeee! Will tell you aboot that another time.
How have I been? Stressed. Not my usual state. Not this stressed. Could be that I haven't been able to vent here for awhile. Could be that I got certified in my new position at work, and had my yearly review this week and am trying to pack and plan for vacation next week and haven't been sleeping terribly well. And the weather has not been cooperating with the height of the grass in the back yard. Or the front. Needs mowing. Badly. Lots of things need done and now. I need a clone. Badly. Can anyone hook me up with one? Have you ever thought aboot what you might do if you actually had a clone? In case you've never watched "Multiplicity" with Michael Keaton, you may want to. The possibilities are endless and intriguing. At least I think so. People I have discussed the possibilities (of having yourself cloned) with, invariably say something like, it would be like closet space, the more you have the more you find to fill them up. I guess they think if they had a clone, they would not have more time, just would find more things to do. I think I might work one of me to death and let the other me just screw off and party all the time. Anyway.
Earlier when I first got back on here and saw tons of emails needing attention and realized how many blogs I need to catch up on, I got kind of overwhelmed (only because I was already feeling overstressed when I came on here) so I did what I had to and retired to the back porch, my solace/haven. That was aboot 3am. It was really dark and a little eerie, there was a breeze but the sky was really black and ominous looking. I stood there for a bit, smoking and trying to relax. All of a sudden, right in the spot I'd been looking at in the sky, some clouds parted and there was the moon shining back at me. Like a bright spot in all that darkness. Was very comforting. I took it as a sign that there is, indeed a light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I really will get all this crap done so I can just enjoy my trip. Maybe if I get off here and get some things done, I will feel better. I already do, just getting this out. Thanks.
Anyone out there read Bukowski? Watched the movie that's out aboot him and am dying to discuss him with someone.
Been listening to Bare Naked Ladies, just "discovered" them and am liking them a LOT.
Looking forward to getting caught up on all your blogs, friends. Missed you all terribly.


Blogger Simon said...

Missed you terribly too, Linda. Welcome back, stress and all.

Barenaked Ladies are great, aren't they? The band's pretty good too.

Enjoy your impending vacation, and don't get all stressed about feeling that you have to get caught up with everything that's been going on on-line while you were crashing. Just pick up where you left off and allow those items you missed to slip into the past.

And then think of the moon.

9:06 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You were well missed. Bukowsi, very interesting. Barfly. I haven't read him, but I once motivated a past love to find interest in him.

Try to relax on your vacation, particularly since you wont be near a computer. Don't let the anxiety get in the way while you are gone.

3:58 PM EDT  
Anonymous Tammy said...

Welcome home my friend, you were missed!
Please remember not to get too stressed out and don't worry about the little things- life is too short!

8:15 PM EDT  
Blogger One Wink at a Time said...

Good to be back, and great to see you here, Tammy. Missed ya. I'm not stressing too much, just caught me at a weak moment...

10:50 AM EDT  
Blogger Lawgirl said...

Have been a fan of Barenaked Ladies since 1994 and have even met them - at the time, they were still playing small venues here in Columbus and you could just go backstage right away and meet them.

12:18 AM EDT  

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