Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This may well be my last post here at Blogger. I will miss how I know where everything is, the different sized fonts and colored text and some of the other things that have taken me aboot a year to master... but it's time to say good bye here. When someone starts putting pressure on me to make choices, it makes me antsy and bitchy. When I can't post because I can't get to my dashboard, I clench my teeth and fists. When this is no longer fun, well, it's no longer fun.

So I spent today, a "snow day" off work to set up a new blog over at Word Press. I'll see how I like it over there. I worked on it until my butt started hurting from sitting too long, so there are still things I need to do. My flickr badge isn't up yet, I'm trying to figure out how to set up sitemeter, I'd like to put music on there. Hell, I might even look into Scratch 'n Sniff and virtual coffee dispensing. Who knows??? At any rate, don't expect a lot right off. But what's really important besides words? Mine and yours.

I thought of starting over with a new theme but One Wink is special to me so I decided to stay with that. No, I'm not doing Nearly Naked Thursdays (get over it) and I didn't see a word verification option so you can enjoy that and/or put up with spammers, time will tell. I could possibly change the template again, I'm not happy aboot the way my title shows up. It's a little hard to read. I really want a customized banner but don't have the know-how to pull that kind of coup off. Maybe someday...

Oh, Word Press wouldn't let me use my hotmail address (wtf?) so I have a new yahoo address. If anybody knows a way around that, please lmk. I love my hotmail.

Okay, enough already. Go here and don't look back. Sheesh, I'm getting choked up, I feel like I'm losing my best friend, I swear.

Love You,

Sunday, February 11, 2007


Someone very, very dear to me died this morning. This picture was taken the last time we were together. He's my father's cousin, Burton, and he was a helluva great guy. He'd been fighting lung cancer for about a year and two weeks ago contracted pneumonia and had been having a rough time of it. So I'm glad he's at peace now. But I will miss him sumthin' fierce. He was so much like my dad. Last time we were together, Burton called me a smart ass; first and last time. I consider that a great compliment. And I say this with the utmost respect- They say it takes one to know one ;-)

Weather permitting, I will be attending his funeral on Wednesday. It's a couple of hours north of here and the weather is usually more severe. I hope I can be there to say goodbye.


Saturday, February 10, 2007


Was going to post yesterday and earlier today but Dashboard wouldn't let me. So I better not pass up this op.

And it better be a damnwell interesting post. No pressure, Linda...

K, so what do we want to read? I could tell you aboot the sex dreams I've been having. Or I could tell you what happened to me once in the ladies room at a popular night spot. Or how a parachute almost landed on my boyfriend and I as we were making out in a secluded area in a park lots of years ago. But nah, that's all boring stuff.

Valentine's Day is coming fast. Not at all prepared this year. Normally PD and I combine our first date anniversary with Valentine's Day and celebrate on the Saturday night that's closest to one or the other. We would always have dinner at the restaurant where we ate on our first date but last year the owner retired and closed the place. So dining there is no longer feasible, enjoyable or possible. Thing is, this is a big year for us. The anniversary is our 17th and it occurs on the 17th and our lucky number just happens to be... (guess). Yepper. Seventeen. So we really should do something pretty spectacular. The other thing is that PD hasn't been feeling very well at all lately so we may have to chuck the whole idea and just stay home and reminisce or something. As it is, the majority of anniversary dinners we have spent together have ended up being accompanied by either snow or ice storms. That's always fun, taking your life in your hands after stuffing yourself with as much expensive food as you can.

It's hard for me to believe that it's been 17 years since my first date with my husband. Sometimes it feels like just a few years ago. Oh, and other times... ;-) Never mind.

Tell me how y'all are planning to show the Love.


Thursday, February 08, 2007


According to Jeff A., today is "Why in the hell am I still working here?" Day. Knowing Jeff, this could be an actual day of celebration or he could have made it up just to get me fired from my job. Either way, I assured him that I would jump on the wagon and post aboot that very subject. Gullible, you say? Probly. Regardless...

I have been at my job for 10 years, 8 months and some odd days. The first two years I loved my job. In the years between then and now I have worked in quite a few different capacities. Some I liked, some I tolerated. Some I excelled at, some I muddled through. A couple of years ago I was the sole worker in one department. I worked under a supervisor but basically ran the department on my own for a time. Yes, I loved that. Through no fault of my own, (honest!) the department closed down. I was relocated back to the department that I had started in 8 years previous. Not happy. At that point I started to seriously think aboot a job search. It was around that time that it became necessary for me to put PD on my health insurance and that put a quick and final end to the thoughts of looking elsewhere. We couldn't be without insurance for him. So I hung in there.

Fast forward to last summer when I was working the night shift. I was loving that. Not going into details, I had started in yet another department, working on a new product which was quite interesting, despite the fact that I was working in a controlled area with tons of restrictions for the integrity of the product. I don't know if I said that right but it (product) must be way clean.
I was working with a bunch of new people that I really liked. At this point I had accrued over three weeks of vacation time, some decent profit sharing, built up my 401K and was earning a pretty good shift differential. Things were looking pretty good. I didn't like the thoughts of starting a new job and having to start over earning vacation time, etc. Seniority counts for something. So I decided to sit back and get comfortable for that time being.

I was not happy to go back on the day shift, mostly because I would be working with aboot 5 times as many people. But now that that is happening, I am actually fine with it. It was an adjustment to be sure, but sometimes you amaze yourself with your powers of adaptability.

I work for a good company. It is growing all the time and is quite competitive. We have a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. In fact we won a Manufacturer of the Year Award recently. Don't quote me on that title. When we're not working overtime, I'm happy with my work hours. Except, of course, when my alarm goes off at 5:30 am... But I can be at work in 15 minutes. There is a great cafeteria. There are lots of kind and generous people. There are lots of loonies too, but we have a good time. :-) All in all, my job could be lots worse.

That's all I have to say aboot that. Don't wanna Dooce myself ;-)

(Don't be asking me what I do and what product we make and all that. I ain't saying.)


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


I contend that if I am a Blogger user, not by choice but by sheer ignorance, I am allowed to bitch and complain aboot Blogger. Twice recently I couldn't access my dashboard because I chose not to "up"grade to the new Blogger. Both times I had something wonderful and brilliant to share. Last evening was one of those times. I feel like when I can get on here I should hurry and tell you every single thing I ever thought of saying just in case it's my last ever post. Kind of like if someone said to me, "If today was your last day on Earth, what would you say to all your blog friends?" No pressure there. No anxiety there. So just a warning, if I should disappear off the face of the Webosphere, blame Blogger.

Not everything new is necessarily better. I've read lots of complaints aboot the New Blogger. I have a hard enough time maneuvering around here, as simple as it is and as long as I've been using this. I don't want or need any new headaches. At least I'm comfortable here. It's not even that I don't like change. I would LOVE to have a pretty, original blog that was like no one has ever seen. Maybe someday I will. But I hate relying on other people to answer questions for me and dig and bail me out of the fixes in which I'm eternally finding myself. I don't have time for that. I barely have time to get a post out here every couple of days.

Ok so I'm finished complaining. Just wanted to give you a heads-up in case a few days go by and you don't see me here. At least you won't worry that I succumbed to the pressures of entertaining and antagonizing all you youngsters.

For avoidance or a chuckle, go here.


Sunday, February 04, 2007


If I did nothing else this past week, I've proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are all just a little shy of acting our age. Okay, a lot shy. But it was rilly rilly fun reading all the quirky things we do. And amazing that so many of us have the same weirdnesses.

I have to say that my state of mind is in a much better state than a week ago. I'm still questioning and exploring some things but I feel I should thank you all for your wonderful insights and encouragement. It never ceases to amaze me how you are there for me when I need to talk or rant or laugh or cry or whatever. I feel so very fortunate to have the friends I do here. I hope I'm always there for you as you have been for me.

I stole this link from another blog but I want you to see these pictures. It is a slide show of only like 9 photographs but they are some serious kick-ass photos. Please check it out, it only takes a minute. Awesome.

I've had a very enjoyable weekend. Stayed in as much as possible as I am not a big fan of single digit temperatures. But I did venture out today and was amazed at the lack of common sense people display when dressing for cold weather. I don't get it. I had on boots, a longer coat, hat, mittens and a scarf. I passed people wearing zip-up hoodies without the zips up. That's not such a big deal but I want to slap people who drag toddlers out in weather like this and don't put hats or gloves on them.

Guess my Sunday evening crankiness is setting in. I rue the end of a weekend. Especially a good one. How did you spend yours? No need to go into a whole lot of detail, Simon. ;-)

{A couple of people have inquired lately aboot my artwork. I put a few pics of some things I have done in my top Flickr box if anyone is interested. I apologize for the presentation. I laid my portfolio on a pile of laundry and just took some pictures. My bad.}


Saturday, February 03, 2007


and fellow Non-Grown up JEFF today. :-)


Friday, February 02, 2007


I'm weary of the mask discussion tonight. Not that it's a done deal, I still have more to do and say on the topic, just not tonight. I'm in the mood to wreak some havoc, TC, but there's a blizzard of sorts going on outside and as this was a tiring week, I have neither the energy or desire to go anywhere. As it is, PD is playing with a new mega-horsepower snow blower in the driveway and I would have to drive over him if I did want to escape. But I don't, I'm happy to stay in with some rum and cherry Coke. And since this is my choice for entertainment tonight, I'm thinking it might be fun to talk aboot all the ways in which I have not grown up. I may have done a post on this before, not sure. I apologize if I did.

  • I bite my fingernails when I'm watching a movie. Not a lot, just little nibbles. But it doesn't even have to be a scary movie.
  • Sometimes when I call my mom, I disguise my voice. Just to be silly. She laughs.
  • I mostly run, not walk up and down stairs.
  • I don't sit up straight on the sofa (why did I say sofa? I never say sofa) - I slide down with my butt close to the edge of the seat, more like laying than sitting.
  • I play the stereo in the car way too loud. PD likes to yell aboot that. He's a grown-up.
  • Sometimes I can't bear to walk on a long expanse of tile floor. I will run and slide instead.
  • There's pretty much nothing I haven't done with a shopping cart that you can get away with in a grocery store.
  • I'm forever getting little kids into trouble with things I thought would be innocent fun.
  • I don't like to go to bed. Then I cry and kick and scream when I have to get up.
  • Sometimes I blow spit bubbles, but not in front of important people.
  • I love, love, love to play in sand. PD will not build me a sandbox though.
  • I like to talk (and read) in different accents to amuse myself.
  • When no one is looking I have been known to drink the left-over salad dressing from the salad bowl. PD knows when I'm doing it though, because I always point to something across the room and say, "look!"
  • I cry really easily. I don't care, I'd rather cry a lot than not at all.
  • I make up words.
  • I daydream. A lot.
  • I can't let well enough alone mostly.
  • I like to push the straw up and down in a fast-food drink cup with a lid and make that annoying wah-ungh wah-ungh sound.
  • It's very hard for me to sit still.
  • I love children's books.
  • I can make a lot of weird noises with my mouth. And I do.
  • I can't concentrate for long periods of time and I'm not terribly concerned aboot it.
  • I love Flintstone chewables. And Froot Loops. And string cheese. And chocolate milk.

PD could probly cite another 100 or so examples, these are just a few off the top of my head. I hope you'll share some of yours with us. And don't tell me I suffer from Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. I probly do. I'm not seeing a doctor aboot it and you can't make me. Besides, it's mostly hormonal and I should grow out of that in the next couple of years.


Wednesday, January 31, 2007

IT'S BUSY IN THERE.. Had I known the obstacles I might encounter in this "quest" I've set aboot undertaking, I'd have packed a jackhammer, a Swiffer and several cans of WhoopAss just to get through some of the thick stuff. Hah!

Yesterday I shared that I've been going to work sans mask. Today was day three. It's very interesting to me that I'm actually seeing people reacting differently toward me. I've always had a "policy" for lack of a better word, for not getting close to many people that I share the same workspace with, for many reasons I'm sure you can imagine so I'll not go into that. But I've been more aware of how I relate to people and I think that I have projected a sort of "keep your distance" force field. I don't think that I'm all that approachable. People seem to respect me but I find that I am not one to be included in those little gossipy circles that are so prevalent in workplaces where there is a majority of women. Don't get me wrong, that's more than fine with me. I don't get off on that kind of relating. I'm the person people come to for answers to music trivia or how to spell a word or who starred in a movie or things like that. They'll come to me for advice on how to deal with this or that. I've had people say they trust me not to repeat things and that they know I'll give an honest opinion. I like that and I'm proud to have that reputation. I'm speaking in general terms, of course.

The past few days have been interesting. I honestly don't think I'm behaving much differently, I'm basically just not trying to be Miss Smiley Hunky Dory. I'm smiling and saying hi, how are ya, that kind of thing. But not when I don't mean it. So let's say, I dunno, maybe it's been cut in half. I don't mean this to sound all snotty or whatever, just making an attempt at being completely honest with myself. But anyway, little subtle things are happening. For instance, someone (who I don't normally have a conversation with often) was waiting at the end of the hall for me and wanted to share a web address of a site she'd come across and thought I might be interested. That was nice. And yeah, I'm finding myself a little more relaxed. That's never a bad thing. I'm amusing myself with this little exercise. And hopefully growing and losing some bad habits.

Today I spent some time thinking aboot what growing up means. I don't know how obvious this might be to any of you but I have never grown up. Not consciously, anyway. For the most part, it hasn't caused me a lot of problems. But it's just not entirely natural for a woman of my, um, stage in life. I'm going to be giving that some thought. In the mean time, feel free to tell me your experinces, like when did you know for sure you were an adult? Things like that.


Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The other day when I was Googling images of masks to upload, I came across this site and it's just aboot the coolest site I've seen in a while. I wanted to share it with you.

I'm very interested in collage art and have been feeling creative lately and thinking of tackling my first project in this medium. I've been collecting interesting pieces of "things" forever; ticket stubs, old photos, stamps, flower petals, you name it, all with the intention of putting it all together some way to express myself. When I find some spare time, I'll start planning.

Just thinking aboot it and wishing I would take that first step...

Oh by the way, yesterday and today I left my mask at home. It was surprisingly easy. Nothing awful happened. I'm not entirely sure but I think I may have felt a bit more relaxed than usual.
Then why am I so tired? Go figure. G'night.