Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I am still using song titles from the Mat's (and former Mat's frontman, Paul Westerberg, my favorite, who went solo in the early 90's). The subject matter I am about to share has nothing to do with the song itself but if you give it a little thought, you will see why I chose World Class Fad as the title for today's post.

Something very disturbing has been occurring in our small PA community that I had not been aware of until today. I will not go into how the news media came to have the footage they aired on the 11:00 News last night, but the videotape showed the following: Two teen-aged boys, in a cemetery, of all places, performing wrestling moves much like you would see on those ridiculous shows on television. I am hesitant to use the name of the "federation" but it starts with a double letter that comes between V and X in the alphabet. At the beginning of the tape both boys are fully clothed, but as the action progresses, they remove their coats and shirts. At one point they are diving off and throwing each other off a ladder onto the ground which is covered with thumb tacks and what look to be broken glass holiday ornaments. They proceed to wrestle with each other and you begin to see that their faces and backs and arms are bleeding. Later in the tape one boy beats the other's back with something like a golf club. Later, one wraps a rope around the other's neck and drags him to the ground. There are groans of pain throughout the tape and you also hear laughter in the background. The reporter comments that he has seen as many as twelve other boys participate in this "new sport."

I was sickened to think that these kids have such low esteem that they would allow themselves to be subjected to this kind of behavior. I was enraged to think that these kids have parents who are either blind to the possibility that their children would involve themselves in something like this or even worse, that they don't pay enough attention to them to notice cuts and bruises all over them. This will be on my mind for days. If this is indeed, a "fad" of somekind, how may kids will be seriously injured before it runs its course? I was reminded of the MTV series I'm sure you've heard of or seen, but Geeze Louise, to see it on tape, realize it is in your own town and then to have several people tell you that one of the boys is the son of an ex-co-worker is just to real and close to home for me.

World Class Emergency if you ask me...


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